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Bishops Lydeard Railway Station
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Bishops Lydeard Railway Station

5 hours ago

Bishops Lydeard Railway Station

8 hours ago

Bishops Lydeard Railway Station

11 hours ago

Bishops Lydeard Railway Station

14 hours ago

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Comments (12)

Santiago Suárez 02/24/23 07:35

Hablar a este número de teléfono+57-3127023073

stargzr 09/18/21 19:44

Hey, what happened to the lighthouse??????

Left msg here:  

Sweden >> Libra & Långnäsvägen :)
Ugo Do1 09/12/21 11:24

fuck this ...  TAXI !!! 


32855 11/27/16 12:24

This camera looks to be stuck in time of 12 August 2015 15:49

trix abound 11/11/15 13:13 seems to me that the only way you can get "leaf mulch" on a train track is that the track has not been used for an extended amount of time!!! what rubbish!!!!

MD 11/11/15 12:23

Oh Mira ..... I don't envy you that commute. I laugh when they blame "the wrong kind of snow."

Mira Bilis 11/11/15 01:02

Even worse when it's the wrong kind of leaves on the line! ;D I commuted on the London/Brighton line for twenty years ... the excuses never changed in all that time ... and still haven't, from what my daughter tells me.

MD 11/11/15 00:44

Delays to London trains due to leaves on the line. It happens every year. I'd think there are far more trees in other places than London but we don't very often hear about delays except in the capital. They seem to assume that country bumpkins don't mind being delayed.

MD 05/16/14 22:47

See the pretty spider!

trix abound 03/26/14 14:18

aaaaahh...and what a lovely train it is...

trix abound 03/26/14 13:51 train will be soon...people are waiting...a good sign...


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