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View from The Cat and Fiddle Inn
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View from The Cat and Fiddle Inn

3 hours ago

View from The Cat and Fiddle Inn

6 hours ago

View from The Cat and Fiddle Inn

9 hours ago

View from The Cat and Fiddle Inn

12 hours ago

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Comments (23)

Homely 12/15/19 14:44

Someday I shall go to this place! I do miss Mira and NQ... wish they would come back!

johnermion johnermion 02/28/18 14:57

It does have some interesting webcam gallery pics†

johnermion johnermion 02/28/18 14:57

MD 01/12/17 15:46

Well ...... they have snow up north ...... maybe it will get to Devon by this evening.

MD 09/09/15 15:49

Much like Dartmoor.

Mira Bilis 09/09/15 15:30

They've certainly improved the camera quality here.† I do like this view.

MD 02/21/15 21:03

Looking rather cold.

N Q 12/27/14 23:40

Rain I noticed that besides England, most of German, Czech, Switzerland and some of the French cams had snow last night.

Rain Shadow 12/27/14 23:11

I see there were serious winter weather conditions in the north of England today.†

MD 12/27/14 17:32

N Q.... maybe they're fortified with spirits from the Cat and Fiddle! It certainly looks too miserable for me but on the other hand..... in the middle of summer I'd find it too hot for cycling.

N Q 12/27/14 17:25

Thanks MD for finding the bike info :)

I can't imagine that as being an enjoyable hill climb today with the thick fog and the snow !

MD 12/27/14 17:16
N Q 12/27/14 16:12

It's interesting that 3 of the cars have bicycles on the back of them--maybe an after christmas bike race ?

MD 12/27/14 16:05

Thanks N Q... and now I see lots of cars on the last saved still.

N Q 12/27/14 15:29

MD change the mode to Refreshing Stills--not Refreshing Stills(Flash) and you'll see the cars and a few people.

MD 12/27/14 15:24

N Q..... I missed it!† I've never seen anything at all on this cam.

N Q 12/27/14 15:15

This is the first time I've seen cars here, actually it's the first time I've seen any activity here !

MD 06/11/14 22:18

Mira Bilis, nice link. That's the sort of place to get snowed in!† The air is very clear, you can see that tv transmitter 34 miles away.† You couldn't do that in the Midlands with all the pollution.

Mira Bilis 06/11/14 21:51

It does have some interesting webcam gallery pics ...

MD 12/03/13 17:17

Looking at the area, I shouldn't think they get many real drinkers. It doesn't look the sort of place you could walk to and if people have to drive there..........


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