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Centennial Bulb Cam
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Centennial Bulb Cam

6 hours ago

Centennial Bulb Cam

9 hours ago

Centennial Bulb Cam

12 hours ago

Centennial Bulb Cam

15 hours ago

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Comments (34)

Ed Hilver 05/11/20 23:37

Here is the new cam:

Ed Hilver 04/19/20 17:29

This light has been shining for almost 120 years now.

LSDream Crakpype 12/25/19 20:55

Nice veiw of the lightbulb...


old account my old comments are cringy... 02/28/17 02:59

And in 2013 it shut down on an electrical failure in the fire station

old account my old comments are cringy... 02/28/17 02:59

Deacon it keeps burning cuz in the past lightbulbs are pretty good at the moment

isaiah A. 01/24/17 01:11

did not realize it was a fire station

Rain Shadow 01/18/17 19:25

You are right, Deacon.  In fact, if you click on that link below the camera image it takes you to the web page with all the relevant information about the bulb. Very interesting.

deacon 01/18/17 18:45

I once read about this bulb, it's been burning for around 100 years and nobody knows why it keeps going.

MD 11/26/15 22:45


zedyer 11/26/15 21:58

They were all written by kyle in a matter of minutes.. even the band because he was the manager of them lol

zedyer 11/26/15 20:43

HA lets get a paragraph all about them

MD 11/26/15 20:20

He probably knows all about T-Rex from personal experience.  LOL!!!!!!!!

zedyer 11/26/15 20:16

No the camera although Kyle was in his natural habitat there lol

MD 11/26/15 20:09

Was that RIP for Kyle and his rambles?  :D

zedyer 11/26/15 19:58


Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 23:21

Network cam link?

kyle 02/14/14 05:32

Sorry, didnt proof read, that was NAsA, sorry . Key board is sticking, might be that soda I spilled hahaha


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