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Centennial Bulb Cam
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Centennial Bulb Cam

4 hours ago

Centennial Bulb Cam

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Centennial Bulb Cam

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Centennial Bulb Cam

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Comments (31)

Connor RK800 02/28/17 02:59

And in 2013 it shut down on an electrical failure in the fire station

Connor RK800 02/28/17 02:59

Deacon it keeps burning cuz in the past lightbulbs are pretty good at the moment

isaiah A. 01/24/17 01:11

did not realize it was a fire station

Rain Shadow 01/18/17 19:25

You are right, Deacon. In fact, if you click on that link below the camera image it takes you to the web page with all the relevant information about the bulb. Very interesting.

deacon 01/18/17 18:45

I once read about this bulb, it's been burning for around 100 years and nobody knows why it keeps going.

MD 11/26/15 22:45


zedyer 11/26/15 21:58

They were all written by kyle in a matter of minutes.. even the band because he was the manager of them lol

zedyer 11/26/15 20:43

HA lets get a paragraph all about them

MD 11/26/15 20:20

He probably knows all about T-Rex from personal experience. LOL!!!!!!!!

zedyer 11/26/15 20:16

No the camera although Kyle was in his natural habitat there lol

MD 11/26/15 20:09

Was that RIP for Kyle and his rambles? :D

zedyer 11/26/15 19:58


Bloodstream Woodbrook 11/19/15 23:21

Network cam link?

kyle 02/14/14 05:32

Sorry, didnt proof read, that was NAsA, sorry . Key board is sticking, might be that soda I spilled hahaha

kyle 02/14/14 05:30

in truth, NAA has the ability to design superior engines and likely build a engine that could take them a long way out there, and not run out of fuel, however if it can be shrunk to fit a modern car, not going to happenm as it would drink less fuel, and the govt runs on such things as the extra fuel we use. I can tell you one thing, go tio Detroit, the cummins factory, and ask about the Diesel engine the Govt wont allow on the road, its a eye opener mentally, and once that eye is open, connecting the dots gets way easier.

Take care kid

kyle 02/14/14 05:24

Lizzy, I've quit thinking on here, some will tell you, I'm a bit out there for my views. the real world is strange , very srange. We all likely know things we should not talk about, from Corporate to science, at least some of us do, and who, just who could we tell them to? Most folfs think in a barrel, should you tip it a tiny bit they go bananas as it is a reality hey never considered. I scream but as you can see, no one pays any attention at all other than as yourself, make a nice comment , and back up once they realize they are on the other side, it sets one in a bracket that could get you an observer, naaanaaa, not a good thing once considered, but like me, no one pays any real mind to what i say, the keeps me under the wire, now should I tell the other stuff, that wire would tighten up considerable, nooo hahaha not going there, besides as they say on CIA like movies, "I'd have to kill you" hhahahaha

All kidding aside Lizzy, thanks for the kudos, best to you

lizzie 02/14/14 04:59

Interesting observations, Kyle whenever I see your stuff on a cam anymore I pause to read it, no matter how long ago. Sounds like how the big guys - Westinghouse and Edison - screwed his "everybody gets wireless electricity for free" scheme. But oh no - they had to figure out a way to monitor usage to charge for it.

My little story: I drive a 1998 Ford Escort Zx2. I got it in the fall of 97. I've done little to maintain it - which as resulted in some pretty healthy repair bills the last couple of years. But that little thing is still going strong. Has the same power output as an entry-level Lotus Elise. I still see them on the road. Another girl at work has one too, says she loves it. Moral of the story? They only made them for 5 years. Can't make money when you build a $15000 car that lasts forever.


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