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Absolute Radio Studio on Air

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Absolute Radio Studio on Air
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Comments (11)

Gracie 06/08/11 00:10

sounds good, nice lyrics

Bluebottle 04/15/11 13:19

Hello Debbie,i hope you are doing well

Debbie 04/15/11 03:59

Hi, Blue.  Hope your well.

Bluebottle 04/05/11 08:59

"You Know What I Mean"

kyle 03/24/11 05:36

OK folks, got long winded, and had to re-sign in.

So much to say in so few words, oh well. oh forgot a bit of what I erased to post it, oops

0 03/24/11 05:32

We are taught , at least Christians, that "thou shall not kill" It is a terrible conflict when faced with it, but its not hard at all, after you see your buddy and friends fall , their faces or bodies torn horribly, you puke the first time you see your personal kill, until you are dry, and then it tries to empty more,


I can only hope War is banned at some point, it is the most inhumane thing ever done by man.  But the horrors done by the evil ones in our midst or close by, it demands war to stop it 

So if you must go and put right terrible wrong, learn all you can and get good at it,  it sucks, it sucks, it sucks, do what you must, and try and fix evil before it starts, Yeah right!!!!

So,,,, do what you must, 

I tell you a secret, all who experienced War are afraid, scared so bad all there is , is to do what you are taught  later after the fear lets go, no war is won by one person, only groups of well trained soldiers {ah that last

Oh and praise your young men who are put in harms way, they become men or women so fast , its scary, and their amazing bravery is heartening, see , they are all volunteers, to keep what we call dear ours, punch the haters of them in the mouth, wont change a thing, only make you feel better about yourself, hahhaa maybe not that good sitting in the pokey, Keep your powder dry

Bluebottle 03/23/11 08:01

"Today I Killed a Man I Did'nt Know" sung by P J Proby

Bluebottle 02/28/11 19:20

"Just For Kicks" sung by Mike Sarne


Bug Stomper 01/30/11 04:01

The new format is better.  Easier to use. Less confusing.

feralorchid 01/28/11 22:42

What do you think of the new format?...Nice to have the larger pictures, but not as user friendly....


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