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Native Village of Inalik - Little Diomede Island
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Native Village of Inalik - Little Diomede Island

5 hours ago

Native Village of Inalik - Little Diomede Island

8 hours ago

Native Village of Inalik - Little Diomede Island

11 hours ago

Native Village of Inalik - Little Diomede Island

17 hours ago

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Comments (28)

yingling 04/22/18 21:38

MD..I could not agree more

MD 04/22/18 14:47

yingling ..... it makes me wonder why people would choose to live on a spec of an island but I bet the community spirit is very strong.

yingling 04/21/18 18:08

I have been waiting to see the helicopter. Took a while but I finally did . I enjoyed reading all the links about this tiny place.

MD 04/21/18 12:37

Hi yingling  ....... I've never seen it move.

yingling 04/21/18 06:09

Hi all , I saw the helicopter leave today. Ice seems to be melting now.

MD 10/25/17 22:07

Such a tiny island.

Rain Shadow 06/13/17 14:53

Either that or it broke down and the pilot is having to stay on the island until help arrives.

Way557 06/13/17 13:08

in their summer time the helicopter must stay parked there. and

MD 02/08/17 21:45

Way557 ..... well spotted. Reading earlier comments   - the helicopter only comes here twice a week.

Way557 02/08/17 21:27

You guys missed the helicopter.

Mira Bilis 11/03/15 16:42

Yes ... genuinely nice guy ... I also remember him from the Pimms ads, lol!  :D

MD 11/03/15 16:32

Thanks Mira .... I didn't see any of it but I'll be sure to look on ITVplayer. I love Alexander Armstrong in Pointless.

Mira Bilis 11/03/15 16:17

Btw, MD ... according to Mr Armstrong, the helicopter flies out here twice a week.  I'm not sure if you saw any of the programmes (there were only three) but if you can catch them on the ITV iplayer (or whatever it's called) it's well worth it. :)

Mira Bilis 11/02/15 20:21

I just watched the final part of "In the Land of the Midnight Sun with Alexander Armstrong" and at the very end of his journey he flew out to Little Diomede Island!  Amazing! :)

MD 10/31/15 23:01

It's an interesting place.

Mira Bilis 10/31/15 22:46

Here's the cam page ...

Fascinating article MD, thanks! :)

MD 10/30/15 23:48

This isn't new but sheds some light on how important that helicopter is. As always ..... some stupid comments.

MD 10/30/15 23:38

I'm sure they wouldn't forget that!  I wonder how often the helicopter visits. It's an intriguing place. I wonder if they have long drop loos. I'd love to go there .... but only for a day ... to see how they do things. I shouldn't think they have a refuse collection. My mind is whirring!!!!

Mira Bilis 10/30/15 23:20

Helicopter's back again ... maybe they forgot the booze. ;)


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