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Comments (24)

N Q 12/13/23 22:00

Looks like there's 2 trees lit up this year and the big one has lights almost to the bottom. I think it was last year that they didn't have the bottom third of the tree lit.

N Q 12/02/23 23:34

They've put a tree up here but it doesn't look like it's been lit yet.

MD 07/04/16 14:18

Hi NQ .... it'll be interesting to see when it's finished.

N Q 07/04/16 13:33

They're really changing the look of this place.  It looks like they're making this into a park in place of red brick parking lot it was.

It looks like a sandlot below the tan canvas shade sail in the background.

N Q 11/24/15 02:37

tree :)

MD 04/22/15 13:22

Nice place but I don't have live feed.

Mira Bilis 12/15/14 18:26

Very pretty with the wet pavement.

Mira Bilis 11/26/14 00:06

Ooo!  @_@

N Q 11/25/14 23:55

The last still pic shows that this tree is also lit but right now it looks like the whole tree is one huge light !

Doogal XXX 06/21/14 08:14

NOT streaming, by any stretch...

MD 05/13/14 22:37

I think my biggest stride has been American geography. I see something on our news about America and just have to look it up on GoogleEarth. Such a big country.

Mira Bilis 05/13/14 22:30

Indeed.  We will be masters of geography.  :)

MD 05/13/14 22:25

Hi NQ, I also checked the locations. One is north of Osnabruck and the other is south. It's good that we check things thoroughly. I like to think that most cams on Opentopia are correctly identified and it's all down to our collective vigilance.  And nosiness!  :D

N Q 05/13/14 22:19

hmmmmm I think scalpfolding might be hard to do, most people don't have a lot of extra scalp skin. Now chin folding would be much easier to do--LOL !

MD I watch the local news in the morning while I'm online and there was a story about somebody I know being arrested for scalping tickets--I think that's where my scalpfolding came from :)

I have this and the city hall cams saved in My Cams and they are right next to each other so when I saw that somewhere between my sunday night and monday morning they both put up scaffolding and both have the same ip# I figure they both must be the same city. I hadn't notice that this cam was labeled right on the cam.

The 2 citys are 90 minutes away from each other so they must be using the same web server to host their webcams.

Mira Bilis 05/12/14 20:29

LOL!!  No doubt people who used to scalp their enemies carefully folded them!  ;P

MD 05/12/14 16:24

Hi Mira Bilis, thank goodness you agree. As you know, I'm a green thumber by nature but I've been red thumbing for the last few hours!  LOL

I think we do a good job of editing. (See how I used the royal "we?") A lot of research goes into it, and a lot of thumbing. I can't wait for the next big search!  :D

Greetings N Q, I'm sure there really must be the word "scalpfolding." I'm picturing the action now!  :D

Mira Bilis 05/12/14 16:08
MD 05/12/14 12:39

N Q, top left of the picture it says Bramsche and I just looked it up on GoogleEarth so I'm inclined to think this IS Bramsche.

N Q 05/12/14 12:38

I did a quick check and 4 out of 5 ip checkers show this as being the city of Paderborn in the region of  Nordrhein-westfalen but when I tried editing it I was only given the choice of North Rhine-Westfalen for the region.

N Q 05/12/14 12:33

spellcheck--scaffolding, not scalpfolding !!


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