Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

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Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place
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Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

6 hours ago

Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

9 hours ago

Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

12 hours ago

Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

15 hours ago

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Comments (15)

Rain Shadow 03/01/17 17:17

A pleasant looking place.

Mira Bilis 07/25/15 15:37

Another busy day.

Mira Bilis 07/08/15 14:52

Nice day but the camera needs a clean again.

MD 05/10/15 15:03

Looking very nice.  5pm ..... the temperature will be very pleasant now.

Mira Bilis 05/10/15 14:42

Nice day at the beach.

trix abound 08/16/14 13:06

yes..more child friendly

MD 08/16/14 12:56

They're probably having a lot more fun. Those private beaches can be very expensive. No fun for children sitting in a sea of sunbeds. At least here they can dig holes or make sand castles......... with a moat if they're close enough to the water!

trix abound 08/16/14 12:39

wow...people here must be roughing it...

MD 08/16/14 12:32

No rows of sunbeds here, thank goodness.

MD 04/12/14 17:06

Yes, beautiful.

dona brantley 04/12/14 16:15

omg  this is wounderful     smile    dona

MD 11/28/13 10:06

Yaaaaaaay! This is the Kyle we know and love!!!!!  Yes, but a doctor of what? The mountains you speak of must be the Pyrenees. I used to live in the foothills of the Pyrenees but that doesn't make me a Basque. I understood it to refer to the language or people living in the Western Pyrenees in France and Spain, we were in the east.

Wait a minute... we are both wrong. It's one of those tight corset things!  :-)

kyle 11/28/13 02:33

I was told that by a frisend who is a doctor haha

MD 11/27/13 22:23

Kyle, It's at times like this that I miss you the most. We could have had a good argument..... oops..... discussion about your comment!

kyle 05/01/13 09:05

I might remind folks, the  Basque are generally from the mountains


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