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Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place
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Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

119 hours ago

Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

122 hours ago

Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

125 hours ago

Zurriola Beach from Kursaal Congress Place

128 hours ago

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Comments (17)

Client Hacks 02/24/21 19:14

the camera just moved what

Riley Hammond 05/05/20 13:52

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Rain Shadow 03/01/17 17:17

A pleasant looking place.

Mira Bilis 07/25/15 15:37

Another busy day.

Mira Bilis 07/08/15 14:52

Nice day but the camera needs a clean again.

MD 05/10/15 15:03

Looking very nice.† 5pm ..... the temperature will be very pleasant now.

Mira Bilis 05/10/15 14:42

Nice day at the beach.

trix abound 08/16/14 13:06

yes..more child friendly

MD 08/16/14 12:56

They're probably having a lot more fun. Those private beaches can be very expensive. No fun for children sitting in a sea of sunbeds. At least here they can dig holes or make sand castles......... with a moat if they're close enough to the water!

trix abound 08/16/14 12:39

wow...people here must be roughing it...

MD 08/16/14 12:32

No rows of sunbeds here, thank goodness.

MD 04/12/14 17:06

Yes, beautiful.

dona brantley 04/12/14 16:15

omg †this is wounderful † † smile † †dona

MD 11/28/13 10:06

Yaaaaaaay! This is the Kyle we know and love!!!!!† Yes, but a doctor of what? The mountains you speak of must be the Pyrenees. I used to live in the foothills of the Pyrenees but that doesn't make me a Basque. I understood it to refer to the language or people living in the Western Pyrenees in France and Spain, we were in the east.

Wait a minute... we are both wrong. It's one of those tight corset things!† :-)

kyle 11/28/13 02:33

I was told that by a frisend who is a doctor haha

MD 11/27/13 22:23

Kyle, It's at times like this that I miss you the most. We could have had a good argument..... oops..... discussion about your comment!

kyle 05/01/13 09:05

I might remind folks, the  Basque are generally from the mountains


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