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Snooty the Manatee
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Snooty the Manatee

61226 hours ago

Snooty the Manatee

61229 hours ago

Snooty the Manatee

61232 hours ago

Snooty the Manatee

61235 hours ago

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Comments (87)

MD 07/23/17 21:04

What a sad way to go.† Seems like curiosity got the better of him.

MD 06/07/17 20:14

Well that'll be handy to drop into a conversation......... maybe when you've had some rum. † LOL

lizardmomma 06/07/17 19:33

So cool when one of them swims right in front of the camera. I can say I've seen a manatee belly button! †:>

lizardmomma 06/07/17 19:28

Wow, 69? That's amazing...

MD 06/07/17 16:46

LM ...... I just had a shock ....... reading the link from Trix ...... Snooty is 69 years old!!!!!!!

lizardmomma 06/07/17 16:27

I've never seen the manatees on here before, how cute! Nice to know they are protected, I heard they get hurt alot in the wild, mainly by boat propellers & such. Nature's imagination is amazing, what strange and beautiful creatures.

Brittany S 01/22/17 00:12

Two of them!

I could watch them for hours, they're adorable! I hope they're happy where they are.

trix abound 08/26/15 12:18
Ben Lurkin 08/25/15 14:25
MD 11/20/14 14:58

First time I've seen the diver.

Jason B 10/15/14 19:03

I always enjoyed seeing the Manatees in Blue Springs State Park here in Florida. I suppose this one may possibly be getting rehabilitated I guess?†

Also going through the comments it seems like this place has a very nice community to it compared to most websites.†

trix abound 10/07/14 01:22

kyle...keep safe during the storm...we get wicked storms now...very scary!!!!!

kyle 10/07/14 00:48

Thanks Trix, being hacked at the moment, n0t sure why yet, but I suppose they will damage something to let me know.

Im happy they never bother any of you.

In any case, Im leaving now, got a serious storm outside, that is anough for toningt, all be well, be damned if I let this bother me, bye

trix abound 10/05/14 17:14

now that sounds like the kyle i remember....kyle...they put tidbits of food in the pipes for the critters to nibble on...i'v seen them...

MD 10/05/14 16:59


kyle 10/05/14 16:43

One last thing, when I came in, the Diver ws cleaning out the Tank, cant imagine people throwing in such things as those pipe,. bet they were trying to harm Snooty. It wasnt just the pipe,, many other items the Diver was picking up.

Shame no one can prosecute the B,,, uh sorry, my opinion is slanted by my simple upbringing, (punch the blackards in the eye might work hahahaha)

kyle 10/05/14 16:39

Hi Carol and Zed

Carol somewhere i missed your hospitalization kiddo, sorry, Blessing on you sweetie, hope you get better soon

Hey Zed, glad you have thickened your skin some, it seemed quite personal once before to you, †and glad you and the OT staff resolved your issues.

kyle 10/05/14 16:36
Jules, your opinion is needed at times, dont allow yourself to be pushed, try and decide if the pusher is browbeating you, and if that is the simple way of it, simply ignore them, others like me will want your slant, ok. †Thank you for your understanding
trix abound 10/05/14 16:31

kyle ....all is well with us i hope (though i did blame your comments on meds.)...


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