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Strada Principală

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Strada Principală
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Strada Principală

6493 hours ago

Strada Principală

6496 hours ago

Strada Principală

6499 hours ago

Strada Principală

6502 hours ago

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Comments (49)

Rain Shadow 06/19/17 20:06

To me it actually does not look that much quieter than many average small town main streets in America.  Perhaps one or two fewer vehicles.

Moose 06/19/17 18:52

This is a very, very quiet Main Street.  I wonder what Seventh Avenue is like.

Rain Shadow 05/31/17 18:08

Savage beasts.

Way557 05/31/17 16:46  thats a very big guard dog.  LOL

Way557 03/26/17 09:59

wow it snowed again.

MD 03/19/17 15:33

March roars in like a lion, and goes out like a lamb.

Rain Shadow 03/19/17 15:18

The weather in March can be so fickle.

Way557 03/19/17 08:17

Yikes, The snow is back.

Way557 03/03/17 12:41

The snow is melting fast here.

Darray Darker 02/27/17 21:27


MD 12/02/16 13:26

They were just checking to see if you were awake.  :D

Way557 12/02/16 10:51

Back to the front lawn

Way557 12/01/16 10:43

They chaned the view. No more front yard.

MD 11/14/16 13:21

Makes me feel cold just looking at it!  :D

Way557 11/14/16 13:04

New snow here today.


N Q 12/19/15 23:57

They put christmas lights up here :)

MD 07/29/15 15:25

Hi NQ ..... oops!  I love the look of this place.

N Q 07/29/15 13:58

It looks like the horses got out.

I just watched 9 of them trotting down the road without anybody with them.

MD 07/25/15 17:45

Mira .... I bet that's made your day. We had rain all day yesterday so I've made the most of today and been out.

Mira Bilis 07/25/15 17:31

We had some rain yesterday and there's more forecast for today.  :)


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