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Hotel Hana-An
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Hotel Hana-An

7 hours ago

Hotel Hana-An

11 hours ago

Hotel Hana-An

13 hours ago

Hotel Hana-An

20 hours ago

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Comments (6)

MD 06/09/17 16:55

Moose ..... that's Kyle ...... and sometimes he used to reply to comments on other cams - on whichever cam he chose.

Viti's posts would not have been removed. She was a character. Feralorchid sometimes posts ..... she has a picture - like Kyle does. One day Viti turned up on Feral's doorstep. she had known the name of the town and walked round showing a picture of Feral until someone recognised her and knew her address. Feral had a shock. :D

Moose 06/09/17 16:06

I think places like this are examples of previous posts that were removed or just lost. Is this a picture of the infamous Kyle that was so suspicious of such tampering? If it is, he might just be responding to a Viti comment on another page.

Kyle Gosnell 09/13/12 22:03

hello to you too Viti, nice find

Kyle Gosnell 09/13/12 22:01

Very good info broken down nicely, thanks Sakana, and hello to you


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