Sausalito Classic Car Storage

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Sausalito Classic Car Storage
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Sausalito Classic Car Storage

3 hours ago

Sausalito Classic Car Storage

6 hours ago

Sausalito Classic Car Storage

9 hours ago

Sausalito Classic Car Storage

12 hours ago

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Comments (8)

MD 01/22/15 01:33

NQ..... cross purposes again!  I saw in the recent comments that you had commented on this cam. I came to have a look. The title when I got here said Sausalito Classic Car Storage but your comment said it was mislabelled. I studied it and thought "why is it mislabelled?? It looks like car storage to me."  LOL

Mira Bilis 01/22/15 00:38

Looks legit to me NQ.  :)

N Q 01/22/15 00:33

MD it was just labeled car storage and the city was wrong. I changed it to Sausalito Classic Car Storage due to the IP Locator info-

MD 01/22/15 00:16

How? Some of them look like classic cars to me.  :))

N Q 01/21/15 23:53

another mislabeled cam.

zedyer venyar 08/09/13 12:14

I am now jules. Thanks for asking.

jules 08/09/13 10:47

Vintage cars! I used to live in San Jose in my early years, which is close to here. Are you feeling better now Zedyer?

zedyer venyar 08/09/13 10:41

Looks spooky :OOO


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