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Cresta Sobretta - Sunny Valley

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Cresta Sobretta - Sunny Valley
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Cresta Sobretta - Sunny Valley

6902 hours ago

Cresta Sobretta - Sunny Valley

6905 hours ago

Cresta Sobretta - Sunny Valley

6908 hours ago

Cresta Sobretta - Sunny Valley

6911 hours ago

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Comments (14)

trix abound 07/06/14 13:36

i didn't either...and free delivery...

MD 07/06/14 13:20

Trix, I'm gobsmacked!  I never knew that Staples sold such things.

trix abound 07/06/14 13:10

thats just what i thought so hubby found it at (get ready for this) staples....who

MD 07/06/14 13:00

Trix, you can bet it would be nearer the 10 days than 4. Gone are the days when customers were considered important.

trix abound 07/06/14 12:46

i was shocked to find out that having a walmart superstore doesn't mean a/c i wanted was in stock and shipping would take 4-10 days...

trix abound 07/06/14 12:44 will come soon more i suffer the more i will appreciate the a/c...

MD 07/06/14 12:34

Trix, I know there is snow on part of the Alps all year round and this isn't too far away. Without your a/c I bet a bit of snow in the garden would be welcome!  LOL

trix abound 07/06/14 12:14

WOW...they still have snow...or is it a dead cam...

MD 04/09/14 16:48

44 BOXES?????????? I'm exhausted at the thought. And there's more to go??? Yikes!!

Homely 04/09/14 16:26

Slowly, MD! I've got 44 boxes done and about a million left to go!

MD 04/08/14 17:29

Homely, that makes good sense. No point paying out running costs if the income doesn't cover it. I've noticed several ski cams where you can see the grass but maybe they'll be used for other things during the summer.

How's the packing going?

Homely 04/08/14 17:20

MD, I used to be a ski instructor, believe it or not. When we had an extended season of skiable weather, the mountains often would open on weekends only, or just in the evenings in the case of those that did night skiing, as the number of folks who were willing to come out and ski after we got to April was not sufficient to pay for the cost of keeping the place open on a weekday. I'm hoping that's the case here, as they really do have a lot of lovely snow left. Or maybe we are just looking at it at the end of their ski day.I've always thought that one of the most pitiful sights was a ski slope abandoned for the spring, just turning gray and brown and melting away by itself.

MD 04/08/14 15:38

Looks like it's closed, which is a shame, given the amount of snow that's still there.

MD 10/17/13 16:36

Now this really IS cool. And pretty.


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