Alaska Climate Research Center on N Koyukuk Dr

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Alaska Climate Research Center on N Koyukuk Dr
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Alaska Climate Research Center on N Koyukuk Dr

5 hours ago

Alaska Climate Research Center on N Koyukuk Dr

8 hours ago

Alaska Climate Research Center on N Koyukuk Dr

11 hours ago

Alaska Climate Research Center on N Koyukuk Dr

14 hours ago

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Comments (107)

titas steve 08/21/18 12:13

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michael miller 08/03/18 10:30

Extraordinary post. I discovered your site ideal for my necessities. Exceptionally helpful data particularly the last part.

Mike Magma 01/28/18 19:21

Great resolution cam.

Mike Magma 01/28/18 19:20

Nice quality resoluion here.

MD 09/01/17 21:27

I just looked at animation of last snapshots and it's nowhere near as clear as this.

MD 09/01/17 21:25

Very nice. It looks so different without snow.

Rain Shadow 09/01/17 20:54

It looks like they upgraded their camera.  A nice clear picture now.

Moose 05/19/17 01:14

Thanks Rain Shadow.  Drones have added a whole new amazing dimension to this stuff.

MD 05/19/17 00:23

Rain Shadow ...... superb link and the music was just right.

It's looking very nice tday.

Rain Shadow 04/01/17 19:10

Here is a nice HD time lapse video of Alaska

deacon 04/01/17 18:50

Hold on a little longer Alaskans, summer is on its way.

Rain Shadow 01/18/17 19:30

The weather must also be affecting some of the camera connections, as some of the usual Alaska cameras have disappeared.

MD 01/18/17 19:24


deacon 01/18/17 18:41

Depends on which side of the window you be at...

MD 01/17/17 16:12

Yikes!!!  That sounds awful.

deacon 01/17/17 15:50

Just checking Fairbanks weather forecast. Highs -30 degrees F, wind chills -50 degrees F. BRRRRR. Tough people here in Fairbanks.

deacon 01/14/17 20:45

Looks like heavy snow falling now.

Rain Shadow 01/13/17 22:37
deacon 10/21/16 17:20

Looks like their first snow..Yipeee!

deacon 11/12/15 11:14

I noticed here during the day the sun is hanging near the horizon. The residents here will be in the dark soon.


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