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The Salty Dog Café

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The Salty Dog Café
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The Salty Dog Café

6750 hours ago

The Salty Dog Café

6753 hours ago

The Salty Dog Café

6756 hours ago

The Salty Dog Café

6759 hours ago

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Comments (82)

stargzr 02/09/18 23:21

Sorry, Moose, obviously my last comment was for MD.  But I also would love to see the Bench back here.

stargzr 02/09/18 23:16

LOL......I promise not to do battle with you! :D

Moose 02/09/18 23:15

I wish The Bench would come back.

MD 02/09/18 23:02

There are some controllable cams on here ..... or at least .... there used to be some. I always seemed to get someone else arm wrestling for control.  LOL!

stargzr 02/09/18 22:31

Now THAT is an interesting link!  I doubt very much if I could manage the contolling bit, but I do like to experiment.  The only success I've had is with cams on Exlore.Org.  Will keep trying....:)

MD 02/09/18 22:22

Hi stargzr.  Nice link.  Ages ago Mira Bilis said the cams were controllable but I never managed it!  :D

stargzr 02/09/18 21:12
MD 02/09/18 20:14


Moose 02/09/18 19:37

It's back!

MD 01/03/18 18:50


stargzr 01/03/18 18:22

Oh my gosh......SNOW in South Carolina!

indigo 01/02/18 09:18

Now their blocking part of the thermometer ?

stargzr 12/21/17 19:03

No sun today !!

stargzr 12/19/17 18:47

Ah, the English language....I'm sure the tree took no offense. :)

stargzr 12/19/17 18:39

Agree, Moose.    :D

Moose 12/19/17 18:35

Now that is truly funny!

MD 12/19/17 18:27

Stargzr ...... I've just looked at the meaning of "dinky" in North America. It's not the same as the UK. When I said that  .... I was meaning the English definition which is:

(of an object or place) attractively small and neat.

stargzr 12/19/17 17:41

You're right, MD.....looks like it's sitting directly in the sun.  Poor little "dinky" tree !  LOL


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