The Salty Dog Café

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The Salty Dog Café
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The Salty Dog Café

6 hours ago

The Salty Dog Café

9 hours ago

The Salty Dog Café

12 hours ago

The Salty Dog Café

15 hours ago

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Comments (60)

MD 12/02/17 16:22


Moose 12/02/17 16:11

A cute little tree.  Rather unexpected.

flip diving 10/31/17 07:26

Your site has a lot of useful information for myself. I visit regularly. Hope to have more quality items.
MD 09/17/17 12:12

Hi Indigo ..... they probably read your comment.  :D

indigo 09/17/17 11:03

Well finally, they got a new thermometer that is clearly readable as to the temp. Yippee !!

Moose 07/15/17 13:15

Hi indigo...I think the thermometer works fine, but it is in direct sunlight.  The -30 is the back end of the needle, it is actually pointing at 110!  The actual temp is 83.  Pretty much a useless decoration most of the time.

indigo 07/15/17 10:13

They need a new thermometer that we can read the temp clearer, right now it looks like its -30....

Moose 06/06/17 19:14

I posted that link a while ago with the Motion JPEG note.  It seemed appropriate with the renewable energy comment.  When clouds are going  by it is quite mesmerizing.

Rain Shadow 06/06/17 19:11

Thank-you Moose, very nice.  I see you are like a kid with a new toy at the moment.  By the way, the 'Stream Profile' needs to be changed to 'Motion JPEG' on that link.

Rain Shadow 06/06/17 18:56

Silver Squirrel, I consider air conditioning to be a mixed blessing.  It is great for instant gratification but ultimately punishing on energy bills and the environment, unless your electricity is coming from renewable sources, of course.

Silver Squirrel 06/05/17 21:43

Rain, the best thing to fight humidity is air conditioning.   I remember those sultry summers back east, when I lived in Baltimore.

Rain Shadow 05/28/17 19:00

I hope there is a nice sea breeze to keep down the killer humidity.

Moose 05/28/17 17:25

Wow.  It is almost 100 F !

MD 05/06/17 22:44

Very busy today.

Silver Squirrel 04/30/17 21:13

Bones, you need to come out of your mother's basement and get a job.

deacon 04/26/17 00:28

Humpty fell down because he had too much to drink here.

MD 01/11/17 18:38

And still nobody about.

bill dude 10/06/16 14:06

I just noticed that the map location for The Salty Dog is incorrect. It is out on Hilton Head Island on the coast of SC, the correct coordinates are 32.1156° N, 80.8253° W. As you can see it has been evacuated for the incoming Hurricane.

MD 10/02/16 17:23

 ........ including the men!   :D


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