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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)
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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

8459 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

8462 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

8465 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

8468 hours ago

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Comments (6938)

MD 01/06/18 03:32

I'll see you when you get here!!!!   I should be going to bed myself ...... it's 3.30am for me!!!!    :D

lizardmomma 01/06/18 03:14

Oh MD, we SOOO have to meet up when I get to Ipswich, I think we could have a "hella" good time. I will be needing a local possibly willing to show me how to let my hair down English style! 

Signing off for now, pizza is done. Have a lovely evening/day, so glad to hear from you luv. G'night...

MD 01/05/18 22:32

Well Lizardmomma ...... I'm still acting the fool!   :D

lizardmomma 01/05/18 21:53

So true, my dear, but it all falls under the category of "If I Knew then what I know now", etc. I was supposed to be in the Air Force when I was 19, but at the last minute, I found out I was 4 months pregnant, so that kinda blew my military career. I was born on an Air Force Base, my son was born on an Air Force base, and that's why I got to go to England. It was the best experience of my life, it made me aware that even tho we are different, we are still the same. Best years of my life, hanging with me mates and acting the fool! (snif). 

MD 01/05/18 20:50

I wasn't in the military.  Hubby and I retired to France in 1995, living in the foothills of the Pyrenees, on the French side ... about an hour's drive from the Spanish border.  We often shopped in Spain because their taxes on food and drink are less than in France.  We spent our winter months in Southern Spain.

I retired well before pension age but now I get my government pension, a small pension from the bank(from my first job) and my police pension.  If only we could be so well off when we're young.  :D

lizardmomma 01/05/18 20:40

I can hardly wait as well. It'll probably sometime in 2019, I'll be 62 and able to collect my social security, so will have enough money coming in to start saving for my trip. I always regret being too young to travel around the other countries while I was there, but I will this time! Gonna take a whole month at least, don"t wanna be rushed. 

So you spent time in Spain, eh? Were you in the military?

MD 01/05/18 20:23

You just gave me a blast from the past.  there's only 14 months between my kids ..... I had a dog from before they were born. As they grew up I used to get .... "he's been playing with the dog for ages .... it's my turn."  Or "she's been playing with the dog for ages." I'd banish the dog to her basket so she could have some peace. Then ..... as soon as the dog stirred .... it was "Come to me" from both kids.   So irritating for me and goodness knows what the dog thought of it.  :D

I lived on the Spanish border for years ..... it's like going home.  I can't wait for you to visit the UK, France and Spain.

lizardmomma 01/05/18 19:58

It's hectic for sure, but the kid and the dog love to torment each other, constant chaos with barking and traps, but it's great to see them entertain themselves. I hope you are doing well,..Spain, huh? Lucky girl! I plan to visit there when I get over there...

MD 01/05/18 19:24

LOL!!!!    I'm amazed the cats don't "play" with the smaller creatures. Mind you ..... I'm surprised that Li'l Bit leaves the cats alone.  You've trained them well so a 7 year old will be no problem.   :D

lizardmomma 01/05/18 19:12

Hi Sweetie! The pets are all doing well.....did I mention that we have another member of the family...a female rat named Alex. I was always terrified of rats, but my son brought it with them, without mentioning it by the way, but I was able to tame her, and now she is the sweetest little thing! In fact, right now, I have Rusty the Lizard, Alex the rat on the bed, Alice and Tony the cats lounging closeby, and Li'l Bit napping on the floor.  When the kid goes to school, EVERYBODY gets to relax!

MD 01/05/18 18:46

Hi Lizardmomma  ..... At last!!!!!   The wanderer returns!!!  ..... I bet Christmas was lovely with a child in the house ...... and your son, of course. I remember telling you that you'd wonder how you ever managed to fit work in!  :D

I had a lovely Christmas and New year and next week I'm off to Spain ....... they've had temps in the 60's today so that'll be warmer than the UK ..... although we haven't really had any cold weather yet.

How are the pets?

lizardmomma 01/05/18 18:30

Happy New Year Everyone! I know it's been awhile since I was here, but I seem to have run out of free time since having a 7 year old kid in the's a good thing, but exhausting! 

The east coast of the US is getting hammered by a horrible storm, below freezing temps, snow shutting everything down...and I am enjoying 70 degree temps here in Nevada, all the doors open, and wearing short  sleeves in the house. I feel sorry for those folks, but this is why we put up with hellish temps in summer, cuz it's worth it in the winter. MD, how are you my darling?


MD 12/24/17 13:47

Hi Homely ....... I'm not surprised you don't have much time to look in on us ..... what with work and family.  But just remember ...... work hard and make your money now ...... then retire early and have loads of fun!

Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous and healthy New Year.


Homely 12/24/17 01:19

Well, hello there, all! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Have checked in from time to time but never have time to really look around. Was thinking of you all at the holiday and wanted to nip in for a quick “hello.” Life has not slowed down, as you may well imagine, but all here are happy and well. I hope to have more time to check back in here in 2018!

MD 12/04/17 12:39

Trader P ....... where are you?   Any chance you could nip to Gdansk and give the cam your attention? It's about time we heard from you.  :D


MD 12/04/17 12:37

Hi Moose ....... it's done this before.

Moose 12/04/17 02:44

I am very sad.  The Bench cam is dead.  I hope it is just broken and will come back to us.

lizardmomma 10/14/17 17:55

My son is 40, but is surprisingly handling being a single father rather well. But he still digresses to childhood occasionally, which pleases me very much. We all have to grow older, but we don't have to grow up! And MD, I can tell by alll these years you and I have been on this site, you will also never grow up....I like that in a person! I hope to see Wales as well when I take my trip, never been even close, but always wanted to go since I heard Tom Jones was from there....hehhe

MD 10/14/17 16:57

Son is 46 but still thinks he's a teenager. LOL

He has 2 motorbikes and an RV and never knows which one to play with. It was the first time I'd seen him for 2 years and the first time I'd seen his new home. It's a converted chapel, huge and near the seafront. I had a lovely time but the living room was up 2 flights of those stairs that you can see through ...... treads but no risers.  I don't like heights so going up the stairs was not my favourite thing ......coming down was worse ......  plus they have 3 dogs that go everywhere with you. I had a lovely time but was glad to get home. I'll soon be going back.  :D


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