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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

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Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)
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4.41 from 17 votes
Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

10625 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

10628 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

10631 hours ago

Ł@weczka internetowa (Internet Bench)

10634 hours ago

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Comments (6950)

MD 05/17/18 20:39

978      21

MD 05/13/18 11:37

985      14

MD 05/10/18 12:53

993.   13

MD 05/08/18 14:22

997.    24

MD 05/03/18 14:02

1012.  24

MD 05/03/18 11:54

1010 cams.  19 visitors.

MD 05/02/18 23:11

1003 cams.

MD 04/30/18 17:00

Hi Moose ...... it's been that low for a few days.  Makes me wonder how long Opentopia is going to last.

Moose 04/30/18 16:48

Less than 1000 cams now.

Moose 03/11/18 18:43

MD... You were the 16,000th comment on this cam.  Congratulations!  As I recall the prize is new spectacles.

MD 03/11/18 18:28


Moose 03/11/18 18:01

It has been three months and the Bench cam is still dead.  Sounds like an old Saturday Night Live skit.

MD 01/06/18 03:32

I'll see you when you get here!!!!   I should be going to bed myself ...... it's 3.30am for me!!!!    :D

lizardmomma 01/06/18 03:14

Oh MD, we SOOO have to meet up when I get to Ipswich, I think we could have a "hella" good time. I will be needing a local possibly willing to show me how to let my hair down English style! 

Signing off for now, pizza is done. Have a lovely evening/day, so glad to hear from you luv. G'night...

MD 01/05/18 22:32

Well Lizardmomma ...... I'm still acting the fool!   :D

lizardmomma 01/05/18 21:53

So true, my dear, but it all falls under the category of "If I Knew then what I know now", etc. I was supposed to be in the Air Force when I was 19, but at the last minute, I found out I was 4 months pregnant, so that kinda blew my military career. I was born on an Air Force Base, my son was born on an Air Force base, and that's why I got to go to England. It was the best experience of my life, it made me aware that even tho we are different, we are still the same. Best years of my life, hanging with me mates and acting the fool! (snif). 

MD 01/05/18 20:50

I wasn't in the military.  Hubby and I retired to France in 1995, living in the foothills of the Pyrenees, on the French side ... about an hour's drive from the Spanish border.  We often shopped in Spain because their taxes on food and drink are less than in France.  We spent our winter months in Southern Spain.

I retired well before pension age but now I get my government pension, a small pension from the bank(from my first job) and my police pension.  If only we could be so well off when we're young.  :D

lizardmomma 01/05/18 20:40

I can hardly wait as well. It'll probably sometime in 2019, I'll be 62 and able to collect my social security, so will have enough money coming in to start saving for my trip. I always regret being too young to travel around the other countries while I was there, but I will this time! Gonna take a whole month at least, don"t wanna be rushed. 

So you spent time in Spain, eh? Were you in the military?

MD 01/05/18 20:23

You just gave me a blast from the past.  there's only 14 months between my kids ..... I had a dog from before they were born. As they grew up I used to get .... "he's been playing with the dog for ages .... it's my turn."  Or "she's been playing with the dog for ages." I'd banish the dog to her basket so she could have some peace. Then ..... as soon as the dog stirred .... it was "Come to me" from both kids.   So irritating for me and goodness knows what the dog thought of it.  :D

I lived on the Spanish border for years ..... it's like going home.  I can't wait for you to visit the UK, France and Spain.

lizardmomma 01/05/18 19:58

It's hectic for sure, but the kid and the dog love to torment each other, constant chaos with barking and traps, but it's great to see them entertain themselves. I hope you are doing well,..Spain, huh? Lucky girl! I plan to visit there when I get over there...


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