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Cambria Backyard Hencam
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Cambria Backyard Hencam

5 hours ago

Cambria Backyard Hencam

8 hours ago

Cambria Backyard Hencam

11 hours ago

Cambria Backyard Hencam

14 hours ago

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Comments (115)

N Q 05/24/23 14:55

Homely I have a client who raises chickens so I get them for free :)

It's nice seeing you again, I can't remember, do you live in the northeast, New Hamshire or Maine or is that where one of your kids was going to college ?

Homely 05/23/23 21:18

N Q! How delightful to see you again! And that's a very, very good question. DH is allergic to eggs and all chicken products, so we were not affected, fortunately!

Arizona Sue 05/13/23 23:35

The chickens must have been laying golden eggs when a dozen was $6.00!


N Q 05/13/23 23:13

Hi Homely, I wonder if any of their eggs were stolen when the prices were so high !

Homely 05/11/23 19:30

I do love this cam :-)

Ed Hilver 05/01/20 17:30

Yes! The hens are laying now.

MD 08/22/18 20:18

Seems like the chicken laid the egg around 6am and then went walkabout.

MD 08/04/18 00:05

I got the Slate Blue reference ..... from Twig.  :D

You can usually see the chickens ..... and the eggs.

Moose 08/04/18 00:01

Hi MD... What goes on here?  Did you really miss the Slate Blue reference?  I put it in there to see if you were paying attention.

MD 08/03/18 22:11

Hi Moose.   Looking at animations ..... nothing is going on.

Moose 08/03/18 21:35

I love the honor roll of layers.  This must be Roxanne the Slate Blue Chicken.

Rain Shadow 05/03/17 22:17
deacon 02/12/17 17:44


Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/29/16 21:22

Y'all shouldn't have mentioned yolks... one of the hens is eating her eggs now :-( 

Mira Bilis 03/09/16 18:56

It certainly looks like the garden is thriving at the moment ...

Mira Bilis 03/03/16 00:38

They got a bonus egg.

N Q 11/04/15 19:49

one egg, one pretty black & white chicken :)

MD 09/17/15 16:26

Well done!  :D

MD 05/19/15 19:04

Very easily by the look of it!  :D

Mira Bilis 05/19/15 18:42

How could she write a typo?  ;)


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