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Cambria Backyard Hencam
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Cambria Backyard Hencam

5 hours ago

Cambria Backyard Hencam

8 hours ago

Cambria Backyard Hencam

11 hours ago

Cambria Backyard Hencam

14 hours ago

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Comments (123)

Homely 07/04/23 19:10

Hi, Ed! Glad to see you're still about the place!

NQ - We have had terrible storms off and on for days. Last evening, there were two big fireworks shows nearby AND lightning coming in from the west. Not long after the fireworks ended there was a tremendous thunder storm that lasted for over an hour. Wow. Today is better, but still mostly cloudy. We are hunkering down at home :-)

As for the inn - the owners refer to the chalet as "the hotel" - the cabins are up on a hillside overlooking the hotel part. All of the individual rooms you can see on the booking part of their site are inside the hotel part, along with the in-house store. There are big, lovely common rooms on the ground floor where everyone hangs around and listens to music. The records are curated by Duane, the husband, and he has music playing all the time. Guests are also often musicians so there is as likely to be live music in one of the rooms or around the fire pit as there is to be music playing throughout the inn on the sound systems. It's heaven. And this year they put in air conditioning!!! It's heaven on earth.

Ed Hilver 07/04/23 18:38

I'm still here i just dont post often.

N Q 07/04/23 17:08

OMG Homely, that is my fantasy vacation. I love the cabins and how each one has a record player in it. I can imagine listening to old 70's music while looking out at the snow.The winter scenery is just what I imagine Vermont to be like. 

Is the Swiss style building the main lodge or is it the shop ? I'm asking because I can also imagine myself sitting in there in the evening looking down on the pond or is that a river ? anyway your friends have a great vacation resort and their dog is cute too !

It's another hot day here with possible thunderstorms this afternoon, that may be my fireworks for today. Have a nice 4th.

Homely 07/04/23 15:18

Wellll, NQ, if you want to fantasize about going to Vermont in ANY season at all, have I got a place for you! This inn is owned by dear friends of ours and I think you will enjoy looking at the pictures. You can see more from their posts on Facebook and Instagram:  You'll like seeing their place in all seasons. And, I promise you, it is every bit as magical as it looks!

I hope you have a happy Fourth, friend <3


N Q 07/03/23 23:20

LOL, you're right, being able to visit during nice weather but not living there in bad weather is the perfect way to enjoy the northern states though I have to admit that Vermont is one place that I would really like to visit during the winter when there's a whole lot of snow because it looks so pretty :)

Enjoy your fourth, mine is suppose to be 95° with a tropical dewpoint, I'll be sticking inside with my air conditioning !

Homely 07/03/23 14:12

You're right, NQ - It's incredibly beautiful. DD just graduated from a college in upstate NY and it was equally beautiful there. Winters, however, are a whole different level :-). Much better to have a child there and visit when the weather is good, LOL.

N Q 07/02/23 20:03

Homely when ever I see HGTV showing homes in the northeast I always think I'ld love too live there because it's so beautiful and then I come to my senses and remind myself it's cold up there just like it is in Wis ! 
Congratualations on your son's graduation and if I remember right, your daughter is close to the same age so I'm guessing she's graduated from college too ?

I'm caught up in the brown bear cams right now with all my favorite bears coming back to salmon fish, so if I don't get back here before the fourth, I'll just say I hope you have a fun one !

Homely 07/02/23 16:39

Hi, NQ - Sorry I missed this message! You're right about the NE... at the time I discussed it, my son transferred to college in Vermont. He has since graduated and now lives there! He likes it much more than the mid-Atlantic where he grew up. Recently, though, he admitted that he does miss having excellent restaurants nearby in abundance :-)

N Q 05/24/23 14:55

Homely I have a client who raises chickens so I get them for free :)

It's nice seeing you again, I can't remember, do you live in the northeast, New Hamshire or Maine or is that where one of your kids was going to college ?

Homely 05/23/23 21:18

N Q! How delightful to see you again! And that's a very, very good question. DH is allergic to eggs and all chicken products, so we were not affected, fortunately!

Arizona Sue 05/13/23 23:35

The chickens must have been laying golden eggs when a dozen was $6.00!


N Q 05/13/23 23:13

Hi Homely, I wonder if any of their eggs were stolen when the prices were so high !

Homely 05/11/23 19:30

I do love this cam :-)

Ed Hilver 05/01/20 17:30

Yes! The hens are laying now.

MD 08/22/18 20:18

Seems like the chicken laid the egg around 6am and then went walkabout.

MD 08/04/18 00:05

I got the Slate Blue reference ..... from Twig. :D

You can usually see the chickens ..... and the eggs.

Moose 08/04/18 00:01

Hi MD... What goes on here? Did you really miss the Slate Blue reference? I put it in there to see if you were paying attention.

MD 08/03/18 22:11

Hi Moose. Looking at animations ..... nothing is going on.

Moose 08/03/18 21:35

I love the honor roll of layers. This must be Roxanne the Slate Blue Chicken.

Rain Shadow 05/03/17 22:17

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