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Ortseinfahrt Lofer
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Ortseinfahrt Lofer

703 hours ago

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

706 hours ago

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

709 hours ago

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

712 hours ago

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Comments (32)

zsombor99 09/07/21 18:03

It looks like the camera is died. :(

MD 12/24/19 13:36

Hi Moose.

MD 12/14/19 16:03

Looks very slippy.

MD 06/16/19 13:05

Hi Moose ....... very atmospheric.

One line, "feelin like I don't belong,"† you know that doesn't apply to you?† We miss you.

spyglass01 02/11/19 11:07

This is great!

MD 01/13/19 09:42

More snow to come.

MD 01/06/19 20:56

I see the beaver!!!†† I've bookmarked the cam.† It looks like plenty of wildlife hangs out there.†

stargzr 01/06/19 20:37

Now I think there's a beaver.† I need a nap.

stargzr 01/06/19 20:32

Never mind......when I posted, there was a raccoon there !† Honest !

stargzr 01/06/19 20:31
stargzr 01/06/19 20:27

LOL† !!!!

MD 01/06/19 20:17

Ps ..... lovely link ....... sparrows are big in Michigan.† LOL!!!!

MD 01/06/19 20:15

POUTUS says there's no such thing as global warming so it must be true.† LOL

I love seeing snow on the cams but I don't like it near me ....... we get cut off from civilization.

stargzr 01/06/19 20:06

I think a lot of us in the USA have been viewing the European cams in search of snow.† There's been a dearth of the stuff† here this winter (global warming ?) and we need our fix.† :D

MD 01/06/19 19:58

I've been waiting for traffic to come sliding by ........ but nothing.

MD 08/27/17 16:47

That happens every day where I live. I have to walk along lanes that are so narrow they have no provision for pedestrians. They were built for horse and cart and some areas haven't changed for hundreds of years. My daughter works in a Spar shop that is the ground floor of a house that's about 600 years old.

Moose 08/27/17 16:38

This just looks crazy. †People driving on the road, walking on the road and parking on the road. †All at the same time.


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