Ortseinfahrt Lofer

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Ortseinfahrt Lofer
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Ortseinfahrt Lofer

4 hours ago

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

7 hours ago

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

10 hours ago

Ortseinfahrt Lofer

13 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 08/27/17 16:47

That happens every day where I live. I have to walk along lanes that are so narrow they have no provision for pedestrians. They were built for horse and cart and some areas haven't changed for hundreds of years. My daughter works in a Spar shop that is the ground floor of a house that's about 600 years old.

Moose 08/27/17 16:38

This just looks crazy.  People driving on the road, walking on the road and parking on the road.  All at the same time.

Twig TheSlateBlueDuck 05/29/16 00:16

Ortsein fart lover?  what??

trix abound 05/20/14 00:12

i love richard dreyfuss

Mira Bilis 05/20/14 00:01

One of my favourite movies. :D

MD 05/19/14 23:55


trix abound 05/19/14 23:52

OMg...that movie was on the TV yesterday...

Mira Bilis 05/19/14 23:43

Cue the theme from Close Encounters ... ;D

trix abound 05/19/14 23:36

OMG....t h e r e   b e a u t i f u l ...LOL

MD 05/19/14 23:28

TRIX!!!!!!!!!!!!! UFOS   :D

Mira Bilis 02/25/14 16:25

Indeed ... it's not an actuall border town, although it's not that far from the German border.  Perhaps the camera title just refers to the main entry point into the town.  :-)

MD 02/25/14 14:50

Hi indigo, Lofer is not a border town. Google maps have changed and I don't like the new format.

MD 02/25/14 01:33

Hi indigo. I'll have a look tomorrow to see if Lofer is on the border. It's too late for me to bother tonight as it's gone 1.30am and I've just noticed (in the recent comments box) a comment from you on the Nelly cam saying "Oh no" so I'm off for a quick look at that before going to bed!

indigo 02/25/14 01:22

Is this a border crossing?


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