Jackdaw Nest Cam

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Jackdaw Nest Cam
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Jackdaw Nest Cam

4 hours ago

Jackdaw Nest Cam

7 hours ago

Jackdaw Nest Cam

10 hours ago

Jackdaw Nest Cam

13 hours ago

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Comments (83)

MD 06/12/17 17:37

They are so closed to the cam ..... feels as though I could touch them.

MD 04/28/16 11:30

Hi Indigo .... Mira reliably informed us they are jackdaws.

indigo 04/28/16 10:34

What kind of bird are they ?

MD 04/22/16 16:16

Trix .... mom and dad are at home.

MD 03/18/16 15:11

Trix .... there's a bird in here right now.

trix abound 03/18/16 13:39

looks like a bird has been placing sticks in the nesting box!!

MD 05/28/15 13:30

I used to have them delivered by a lady who kept ducks. Because they were always different sizes she used to charge by the pound! As you say ... duck eggs really are a treat.

trix abound 05/28/15 13:21

yes....my son brings us duck eggs...what a treat!!!

MD 05/28/15 13:15

Hahahahaha!!!!!! But what a shame about the duck eggs .... I love them... so much flavour.

trix abound 05/28/15 12:56

MD....i told hubby monday that his sister called to say she had some duck eggs we could have....i relayed the message to him.....i asked him yesterday if he had picked the eggs up yet and he said i never told him about them!!!   he did say though that he thought i had said "duct tape" and decided we didn't need any more!!!!

MD 05/28/15 12:40

Happy little peckers!

trix abound 05/28/15 11:58

looks like their smiling!!

MD 05/28/15 11:31

Good morning Trix.    I love their little beaks when they're wide open.

trix abound 05/28/15 11:23

awwww...feeding time!!!

Mira Bilis 05/14/15 15:34

Heheh!! :D

trix abound 05/14/15 15:28


MD 05/14/15 15:28

Mira ... your link reminded me of this ad:


Mira Bilis 05/14/15 15:18

LOL, true.  You might want a pair of these though ... just in case.  ;)


trix abound 05/14/15 15:12

your right MD....he would trip for sure!!!!  and it wouldn't be emptied till it was full!!!!!!

trix abound 05/14/15 15:10

anything made to ease the problem would surely stop the process of the fix!!!!!!!


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