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Jackdaw Nest Cam
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Jackdaw Nest Cam

6 hours ago

Jackdaw Nest Cam

9 hours ago

Jackdaw Nest Cam

12 hours ago

Jackdaw Nest Cam

15 hours ago

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Comments (101)

Liese Lindemann 07/31/18 05:03

Yay! Jackdaw mum and dad are back!

MD 06/10/18 15:36

Unbelievable .... China ..... and the amount of times he told them 1776.  You could not make it up.

Moose 06/10/18 15:19

I will see your British bimbos and raise you a whole bunch of stupid Americans.

MD 06/10/18 14:57

I read this yesterday and couldn't believe how stupid some people are  ..... the video shows the lack of education we are suffering from in the UK:


Moose 06/10/18 14:10

It is now official.  Birds are smarter than some of my friends.

MD 06/10/18 13:59

I can see jackdaws and magpies from my window right now.  A neighbor has a fancy bird feeder, designed to stop larger birds from getting the seeds. At the moment one jackdaw is hanging on to the feeder and flapping its wings - causing the feeder to tilt.  Another jackdaw is on the ground eating the seeds that are spilling out.

I know this isn't the same bird but look at this for intelligence:

Moose 06/10/18 13:41

This is pretty amazing.

Moose 06/10/18 13:38

Getting pretty cramped in here, too.  These birds look kinda mean.

MD 05/30/18 17:54

Just like children.   :D

Moose 05/30/18 16:20

One was just laying there, and I was afraid it was dead.  Them Mom came home and it suddenly sprang to life!

MD 05/23/18 08:26

Fascinating to watch.  Nature is so clever.

Liese Lindemann 05/23/18 04:22

I love their little open beaks when they stretch up their necks for grub :-)

MD 05/13/18 12:28

Hi Moose ...... this is definitely one to watch when the chicks are being fed. And such a close view.

Moose 05/13/18 11:58

Looks like a family in the making here!

MD 03/19/18 14:14

Hi Moose ...... not very spring-like where I am ..... we're snowed in!  

Moose 03/19/18 13:59

Nest building going on  here.  Spring is here!

MD 10/01/17 16:47

It's a bit late but you just never know.

Moose 10/01/17 16:29

Last Saved Still Picture shows a pair of birds in here!  Might be time to start watching again.

MD 06/12/17 17:37

They are so closed to the cam ..... feels as though I could touch them.

MD 04/28/16 11:30

Hi Indigo .... Mira reliably informed us they are jackdaws.


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