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Golfclub Hösel

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Golfclub Hösel
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Golfclub Hösel

748 hours ago

Golfclub Hösel

751 hours ago

Golfclub Hösel

754 hours ago

Golfclub Hösel

757 hours ago

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Comments (8)

MD 06/21/18 10:25

What a lovely old motor.

Moose 09/03/17 16:43

A whole crowd of people hanging around enjoying the sunshine.

Teo West 04/02/17 17:48
MD 08/08/14 19:47

I like this view.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/08/14 19:41

This has got to be some kind of Golf and Country Club. Some pics u see the golf course and right now it looks like a club house with some kind of get together going on.

MD 07/23/14 20:40

I have no idea what sudplatz means. In French nord is north and sud is south but obviously this is german. I've gone to google translate and it doesn't translate sudplatz but nord is north, same as in French

Mira Bilis 07/23/14 20:18

The translation on the top of the cam is North Sudplatz View.

Chemical 06/09/14 05:03

At this moment, the cam is pointed up close to dining tables and chairs! So what's to eat?! :)


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