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Toulon Peak - Yard
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Toulon Peak - Yard

5 hours ago

Toulon Peak - Yard

8 hours ago

Toulon Peak - Yard

11 hours ago

Toulon Peak - Yard

14 hours ago

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Comments (23)

China Cat 07/10/20 00:46

OOoo I want more like this!


48918 08/03/17 01:29

That's actually pretty cool. Good job!

zedyer1 03/04/17 22:00

wow cool!

MD 03/04/17 19:57
deacon 03/04/17 19:00

Looks like monkey business going on here. Some individuals loading boxes into a trailor.

MD 07/22/15 20:56

Trix .. the one on Mira's link at 19.32 has 2 doors.† And look at the rain!!!!

trix abound 07/22/15 20:49

this building has 2 doors....the one on the website has only 1!!!!!

Teo West 07/22/15 20:32

Well done Mira.

MD 07/22/15 19:55

Mira ..... now that I'm happy with.† And yes ... I have† seen the state of spelling and grammar. Reading my old local newspaper from when I lived in the Wolverhampton area ... someone complained about the poor standard of grammer. LOL

Mira Bilis 07/22/15 19:32

MD ... you were correct to be suspicious ... it's Toulon Peak ... if you mouse over the top left of the picture it shows the live webcam ...† :)

Mira Bilis 07/22/15 19:23

LOL MD ... have you seen the state of spelling and grammar these days?† ;P

MD 07/22/15 19:15

I suppose it could be but why would they put TP instead of PT?† Doesn't make sense.

Teo West 07/22/15 18:57

TP=Patrick Tower

Teo West 07/22/15 18:55

You got it !!!!

Mira Bilis 07/22/15 18:29

I think I may have found it ... Teo, I used your observation about the shadow as a clue and did a search on "Fernley NV Communications Towers" ... and this came up ...

MD 07/22/15 18:22

Teo .... don't let it drive you crazy.† :)

Teo West 07/22/15 17:52

Trix,... you may be correct. I've been through Fernley and it looks like it could use a good wipe. Right now there is a shadow on the ground of what could be a tower with multiple antennas on it. ???????

trix abound 07/22/15 17:41

i think it's where the "special" TP(toilet paper)is stored!!!!

Teo West 07/22/15 17:20

I got so frustrated a couple of months ago I almost called Crystal and asked them if they had a plant with a cam in Fernley.

Teo West 07/22/15 17:17

Mira,....I spent too much time on this several months ago. Crystal water is based in Las Vegas but does business all over Nevada and California.† The recent views of this cam renewed my interest. When I did a search this morning there were more hits relating to Fernley and TP so I figured you were looking too.


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