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Comments (27)

MD 08/09/19 09:34

I'm glad they got rid of the split screen.

MD 09/04/17 16:34

How odd.  It's usually just one cam.

Rain Shadow 09/04/17 16:22

There must be more than one camera, as this view is different (and fuzzier) than their website view.

Rain Shadow 09/04/17 00:18

When the sun comes up I think it will be a splendid view

MD 02/14/15 14:53

Trix.... what can I say? The man's a dunderhead. Just recently my daughter was faced with the online free-shipping dilemma. She suggested I choose something for the amount short and I selected a lovely scarf for exactly the right price. Having said that..... I haven't worn it yet but I will.  LOL!!!

NQ.... it was Rochester University, New York.

trix abound 02/14/15 14:47

MD...hubby lost the battery to his cordless drill so instead of paying $60.00 for a new battery he paid $140.00 for a whole new drill...his logic is that it was cheaper this way....1 time he bought something online and was $8.00  short for the free shipping so he bought another item that cost $18.00 just so he could get free shipping...the thing he bought for free shipping hasn't been used yet!!! am i the only one who sees no logic in this? he is always doing stuff like this!!!!

MD 02/14/15 14:45

Trix.... it does look like railings and possibly steps going to civilization.....

NQ it was another cam but I can't remember which one. It's one I'd never seen before. I could check my history. Maybe Trix can remember....

N Q 02/14/15 14:37

MD that's quite the hill you need to climb, no wonder you have your groceries delivered !

Are you talking about his comments on chip chans cam or a different cam ?

trix abound 02/14/15 14:37

at least it looks like railings!

trix abound 02/14/15 14:35

i think there is a deck on the back left of the building!   i wonder who does the shoveling...LOL

MD 02/14/15 14:28

Trix... a sad life - and probably makes it so for his better half.

One hour ago this place was bathed in sunshine.

trix abound 02/14/15 14:19

such a sad life !

MD 02/14/15 14:14

Trix..... exactly!  I feel sorry for pessimists..... must make for a miserable - life and we get to see the results of that from the gloomy comments.

trix abound 02/14/15 14:03

heaven forbid anyone put up a cam just for the fun of it without an ulterior motive!!!

MD 02/14/15 13:53

Oh Trix..... we are soooo on the same wavelength! A load of gobbledygook if ever I saw one. It smacked of supposition - not knowledge. I was tempted to ask if it was the glittering kind or just the ordinary stuff but after yesterday's Chip Chan comments I thought better of it. Don't want to upset the old...erm... erm.... learned gentleman. I think that's the description I was looking for. LOL!!!!!

trix abound 02/14/15 13:39

awww...thats too bad.....i'm sure you must have read the glittering BS on the other cam...i didn't understand any of it!!!  couldn't even read between the

MD 02/14/15 13:29

Well I can't get pizza delivered!  :))

trix abound 02/14/15 13:25

i would never leave the house....wonder if they can get pizza delivered!!

MD 02/14/15 13:20

Hi Trix.... so now you see why I complain!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!


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