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The Tattoo Room
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The Tattoo Room

31035 hours ago

The Tattoo Room

31038 hours ago

The Tattoo Room

31041 hours ago

The Tattoo Room

31044 hours ago

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Comments (27)

39078 03/24/16 08:33

Why doesn't all the cool cams have live feed work but the ones I don't want to see do?  Other than the skate and snow parks this one is rather cool.  

Mira Bilis 03/01/16 00:17


Mira Bilis 08/08/15 04:47

Hi, Some Random Guy ... the 'Live Feed' never works on this cam ... some Opentopia cams are only viewable on 'Refreshing Stills (Flash) Mode' as Trix said.  Many don't work at all ... Opentopia has no control over functionality of cameras (see their 'About/Contact' link at the bottom of this page.)  However, you can view The Tattoo Room live cam on their own URL ...

Some Random Guy 08/08/15 03:27

Still not having it trix, nvm Ill keep trying and visiting.

trix abound 08/08/15 00:24

hi Some Random Guy...refreshing stills flash also!!!!

Some Random Guy 08/08/15 00:06

I cant get a live feed

Teo West 05/30/15 23:36

lady getting a tat on her cheek.

shyannedianne 01/23/15 00:25

has anyone had their eyeballs done yet ? it's the new trend,changing the whites of your eyes black :O

cathy inmichigan 08/02/14 00:22

Swastika tat on my arm! Sweeeettt!!

Criz Di 07/23/14 21:16



32814 06/30/14 20:01

the blonde tatoo artist is cute


MD 05/02/14 23:27

Thumbed. I see one of my comments saying my daughter wouldn't have her hair coloured. That's now changed. I offered to treat her to a hair do and hilights. She agreed. I managed to talk her into having three colours. Only thing was, I was in the shampoo room when she chose her colours and she wimped out by choosing "quiet" ones but she's promised to be bolder next time.  :D

Mira Bilis 05/02/14 23:13

This is 'The Tattoo Room' in Simi Valley ...

... and here's the network cam page ...

MD 02/21/14 23:51

My hair is almost the same shade of purple as in the video! I offered to treat my daughter to any colour she wanted but she refused. She thinks I'm going through my second childhood.  :))

Mira Bilis 02/21/14 22:44

Excellent MD!  I do love purple ...  ;-D


MD 02/20/14 23:26

Nicole, as long as it was worth it, whatever floats your boat!  :))

Mira Bilis, I'm due to have my hair coloured again. I think I'll stick to this purple for a while. I'd miss it!

Mira Bilis 02/20/14 23:04

Sounds cool Nicole!  :-D  My daughter has tattoos on her wrists and quite a few piercings, including her ears, lower lip and tongue!  I've never had the inclination myself, although I do love gothic and steampunk stuff and dye my hair with henna (and also listen to industrial dance/rock, LOL!)  ;-P

Chemical 02/20/14 22:15

My friend is taking me to get one while she gets a second one done. My tattoo is going to be a demonic skull. I love the Dark Side/Gothic things lol - dont worry Im not an evil person. MD, I usually dont like to purposely get pain but I will say when I got my nose pierced (stud), it hurt like hell but it was worth it LOL!

Mira Bilis 02/20/14 20:11

What design are you going to have Nicole? 

MD 02/20/14 18:44

I recently watched a prog about people who wanted them removed. I'm a wimp. No self-inflicted pain for me! :))


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