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Hotel Zirbenhof

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Hotel Zirbenhof
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Hotel Zirbenhof

6691 hours ago

Hotel Zirbenhof

6697 hours ago

Hotel Zirbenhof

6700 hours ago

Hotel Zirbenhof

6703 hours ago

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Comments (16)

MD 02/27/17 17:48

I'd not heard of him. He was quite prolific.

Rain Shadow 02/27/17 17:00

A busy place.  It reminds me of a Pieter Bruegel painting.

deacon 03/21/16 10:24

I'll drink to that...

Mira Bilis 02/18/16 16:50

Nice place to eat/drink al fresco.

MD 03/20/15 17:00
CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 18:24

Lol, waking up to one is the worst.

MD 08/04/14 18:18

We've had several in the UK. I experienced one when I lived in a heavily industrial area, but didn't realise what it was until it was on the news. We had quite a severe one in France. It was in the middle of the night and it felt like all of the bed legs were off the floor at the same time. A strange feeling. Mother Nature having a moan at us all.  LOL

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 18:10

Omg, I know. The worst one I was in was a couple Easters ago. It was the worst one in recorded history down in San Diego. I was living there at the time and it went for like 40 sec. Unbelievably, no one was killed and minor damage.

MD 08/04/14 18:07

Carol..... earthquakes... OMG. At least heavy rain gives you a warning that something might happen. Earthquakes just happen.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 18:00

Thanks MD. Yea the only thing we get around here are earthquakes. That's enough though, lol.

MD 08/04/14 17:46

Carol, I'm glad you weren't anywhere near that disaster. I saw the link that Mira put. Awful.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 17:36

Ty Ty!!

MD 08/04/14 17:30

Carol, I was going to say "Another what?"  but I guess you've identified this one.Well done. :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/04/14 17:20

Woohoo, found another!!

MD 01/19/14 16:47

Austria is a beautiful place and their border control people are very polite.

N Q 01/19/14 15:26

This is a pretty area with the colors on the buildings and the people sitting outside eating at the tables.


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