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Fort Walton Beach Driveway Cam

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Fort Walton Beach Driveway Cam
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Fort Walton Beach Driveway Cam

864 hours ago

Fort Walton Beach Driveway Cam

867 hours ago

Fort Walton Beach Driveway Cam

870 hours ago

Fort Walton Beach Driveway Cam

873 hours ago

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Comments (14)

MD 07/30/18 15:53

You know me too well.   LOL!!!!!

Moose 07/30/18 15:34

I found it hilarious that they stole a comment from me and directly to you!  Usually they steal something out of the middle of the post.  And it was about stealing comments, too.  Most of these are just annoying but I found this one amusing.  I also knew you wouldn't be able to just let it go.  LMAO.

MD 07/30/18 15:27

Hi there Moose ......  I was trying to completely ignore it but everytime I had a glance at the screen and saw it .... well .... I couldn't resist.  You're right .. they certainly are getting creative but I really never do click on a link from a stranger.

Moose 07/30/18 15:16

Hi MD... I was wondering if you were going to fall for that one or not.  That is a spammer that actually stole one of my earlier comments to you about stolen comments!  And posted it on a different page that the original.  They are getting creative.

MD 07/30/18 14:33

Hi jedy ...... I don't have anything to do with stolen anything but thanks for the offer.  And I never click on links from people I don't know.

jedy mark 07/30/18 03:50

MD... This is one of the earlier instances of a stolen comment.
deacon 01/08/18 15:54

I do admire his Ford pickup.

MD 09/09/17 02:06

The man of the house is a big guy ..... and wears red trouser braces.

MD 09/09/17 02:05

I wonder if we'll see icicles in winter.

deacon 09/09/17 01:08

We will be able to see if the downspout is leaking when the rain starts......

MD 09/07/17 16:52

Deacon ..... I thought that when I looked at it this morning. I was looking at all Florida cams to check out the weather but we won't see much on this cam.

deacon 09/07/17 16:40

This is the best picture of a downspout I have ever seen.

MD 08/19/16 01:16

Por qué?

45255 08/19/16 00:23

puta mierda


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