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Powerfm Webcam on De Wieken

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Powerfm Webcam on De Wieken
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Powerfm Webcam on De Wieken

8940 hours ago

Powerfm Webcam on De Wieken

8943 hours ago

Powerfm Webcam on De Wieken

8946 hours ago

Powerfm Webcam on De Wieken

8949 hours ago

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Comments (15)

Rain Shadow 08/25/17 17:45

Perhaps this is where the Babadook hides out.

Moose 08/25/17 16:51

Is this anything like a badonkadonk?  Probably not, but it is a great video.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/09/14 19:57

Lol, what a name. 

Mira Bilis 12/09/14 19:50

Hi Carol ... the image URL on Google links this to Beek en Donk. :)


MD 12/09/14 19:43

Yes... I quite like this one.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 12/09/14 19:22

Looks so homey at night.

MD 01/19/14 18:01

LOL@ N Q. Funnily enough he kept them away from it!

Hi Mira bilis. As we say, bog standard houses! LOL

N Q 01/19/14 17:34

It was a guy from the first house on the left who was puking last night. Did the dogs stop next to the street sign on the right side to sniff before walking past - LOL

Mira Bilis 01/19/14 17:34

This street scene looks very similar to Britain.  I've noticed before on my travels with Google Streetview, how housing estates in both The Netherlands and Denmark resemble those in the UK.  :-)

MD 01/19/14 16:36

Hi N Q. I just saw a man with 2 labradors come out of the first house on the left, one golden, one black. He walked across the road and disappeared off to the right of cam. I thought at first that this might have been a cul de sac but A car just whizzed from left to right!

N Q 01/19/14 14:33

There's not much to see here during the day though I did see an older lady using a walker to get up the hill and she was really moving fast with it, almost like she was speed walking :)

It looks like a complex of attached houses.

MD 01/19/14 00:20

LOL. Probably too drunk to care. This is a nice clear cam. I'm coming back in the morning to see it in daylight.

N Q 01/18/14 23:59

well yes if you're playing by that rule then it does make sense to puke in the neighbors yard but I wonder if he knows there's a webcam watching him :)

MD 01/18/14 23:35

Lol. Makes good sense to me! They always say never s..t in your own back yard. Maybe slightly different rules apply in the Netherlands. LOL!!!

N Q 01/18/14 23:24

LOL there were 2 guys standing outside, one was bent over by the street sign and the other guy was standing back a ways watching the bent over guy. When the bent over guy straighten up and staggered backwards and the 2nd guy came over and held that guy up I realized that he had been bent over throwing up :(

The 2nd guy help him into the building across the street though he did fall down once on the way over to the building.

He must of been partying a little too much but gotta wonder why he went outside to throw up in somebody elses yard.


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