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Western Carolina University

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Western Carolina University
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Western Carolina University

7163 hours ago

Western Carolina University

7166 hours ago

Western Carolina University

7169 hours ago

Western Carolina University

7172 hours ago

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Comments (28)

Cypress Mallowan 11/07/16 14:51


massinissa mansouri 11/02/15 16:58

thanks mommie dearest in devon


MD 10/29/15 21:12

Hi Massinissa. I had not heard of Kabylie but I just looked at it on Google maps. It looks a beautiful place ...... so green.

massinissa mansouri 10/29/15 18:52

hi im massinissa from algeria . im not arab iam kabylian


MD 08/20/15 16:59

OMG .......... they read our comments?????   :D

Mira Bilis 08/20/15 16:42

And now the room is full!  0_0

MD 08/20/15 15:34

I've never seen anyone in here.

Kendaren 08/20/15 15:10

I don't know what makes this so creepy cam

Kendaren 08/20/15 15:10

This looks like a perfect place for horror film

MD 02/10/15 21:51

Mira.... 2 minds with but a single thought!  :)))

Mira Bilis 02/10/15 21:39

LMAO!!!!!  OMG MD ... this is getting scary!!!  :D

Mira Bilis 02/10/15 21:38

Hi Garth ... thanks for the info.  :)

MD 02/10/15 21:36

Hi Garth  ..... thanks for the info.

Garth Williams 02/10/15 21:25

I went to this school and have been in this classroom a couple of times. As others have noticed, the room is right outside the radio studio. I don't think this room is used very often. I went there just once when I was in a Radio Production class. We basically went there to tour the studio (which is mostly student-run). It's also in a pretty small building, and I think the radio and TV students and instructors are the only ones who use it.

Mira Bilis 07/25/14 21:20

Well technically it is summer break ... although I have to agree with you Carol ... even when school's in, all the students seem to be hidden away in underground bunkers.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 07/25/14 21:09

I NEVER see anyone in this classroom.

shyannedianne 05/14/14 03:29

They say unemployment has gone down because when you're thrown onto a 'work programme' such as I have,even though I still sign on and am technically unemployed because I'm on this programme to help me back to work (chance would be a fine thing) then my number doesn't count as being unemployed !!it's a scam to make unemployment figures look lower.Also I'm stuck on this schemes 'help' for 2 years,being paid for by tax payers,even when I do,hopefully,find employment !! the country has gone mad.

Jimmy Day 03/21/14 02:13

Hopefully I will find something else soon or get Re-Instated were I was currently got lots of options open to me just finding the right vacancy, in the meantime I will be on here a little more & on the subject of this camera the door at the end of the room leads into the Radio Studio was watching & listening to a show from the studio on the other cam and saw these chairs & tables when the door opened they leave & enter via this room. mystery solved.

MD 03/19/14 20:47

It's not pc to say this but The British Isles are going to sink under the weight of immigrants. There are not enough jobs to go round.

Mira Bilis 03/19/14 20:17

Indeed ... my daughter in the UK has been looking for a job relating to her university degree for over a year now ... in the mean time, she has to work full time in a hotel and also do modelling for life drawing classes in the evenings.  Whoever thinks that a university education automatically means you can walk straight into a job, is sadly deluded ... it's still down to luck most of the time.


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