'30 Years Of Great Victory' Square

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'30 Years Of Great Victory' Square
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'30 Years Of Great Victory' Square

4 hours ago

'30 Years Of Great Victory' Square

7 hours ago

'30 Years Of Great Victory' Square

10 hours ago

'30 Years Of Great Victory' Square

13 hours ago

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Comments (132)

Silver Squirrel 09/17/17 02:12

A Sunday Farmers's Market.  

MD 05/08/17 13:05

I wonder what that building is.

Rain Shadow 01/13/17 00:13

This place always has nice snow sculptures.  It almost seems like the whole world is covered in snow at the moment, looking at all the Opentopia cameras.

MD 01/02/17 17:39

I wonder if the tree will still be lit on the 22nd of January.

MD 01/22/16 21:49

I love this tree.

MD 01/13/16 18:03

I like this tree. I'm doing my usual look around to see the last few lights.

MD 12/28/15 13:52

Hi NQ ..... yes .... it's looking very pretty now.  So ....... next year we could be waiting even longer for them to put the lights on.  :D

N Q 12/28/15 13:06

yes MD I remember that this is the Jan tree but each year they light it a little later then the year before.

and it's been lit and looking prettier then previous years :)

MD 12/27/15 16:18

NQ ...... these are the "Christmas in January" people.

N Q 12/27/15 14:42

The tree hasn't been lit yet :(

Scrolling back through our comments I see it wasn't lit till Dec 27 last year and the year before it was lit Dec 23.

N Q 12/21/15 13:17

The tree is up :)

hopefully they'll light it tonight.

N Q 12/18/15 03:15

the christmas tree is going up. They gave us a close up view of it-


Mira Bilis 12/18/15 00:20

Work on the snow sculptures starting to take shape.

Mira Bilis 12/13/15 19:13

The snow machine is still hard at work.

Mira Bilis 12/11/15 00:41

Fascinating to watch.

N Q 12/11/15 00:32

They're working on the snow fence that's near the road right now. They've been loading up those wood forms with snow for atleast the last hour.

I always enjoy this christmas tree & scenery so I'm really happy that the cam is once again facing the square :)

Mira Bilis 12/11/15 00:17

*will be back soon.

Mira Bilis 12/11/15 00:16

Yes  ... and with those snow machines going, hopefully the snow sculptures will back soon too.  :)

N Q 12/10/15 23:34

this cam has been blurry and pointed towards the skyline for weeks and now it's finally pointed towards the christmas tree square :) hope the tree goes up soon !

N Q 01/28/15 20:54

awwwww they took down the tree :(


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