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El Tico Beach Cantina - Beach Cam

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El Tico Beach Cantina - Beach Cam
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El Tico Beach Cantina - Beach Cam

1003 hours ago

El Tico Beach Cantina - Beach Cam

1006 hours ago

El Tico Beach Cantina - Beach Cam

1009 hours ago

El Tico Beach Cantina - Beach Cam

1012 hours ago

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Comments (9)

MD 05/29/17 16:12

Moose ..... that Salty Dog looks a lovely place ...... good menu.

Moose 05/29/17 15:25

I went to the El Tico webpage to see if this cam was controllable and maybe could be aimed better.  It is not, but look what I found.  Another Salty Dog!  Whodathunkit?

Mira Bilis 06/29/15 15:05

Lovely day.

MD 01/24/15 22:20

And.... there's no single supplement!!!!!

MD 01/24/15 22:19

Mira... that sounds lovely.  I'm definitely in a holiday mood.  :))

Mira Bilis 01/24/15 22:07

Wonderful empty beaches MD ... even at the height of summer!  :)

MD 01/24/15 22:03

Mira .... I have a holiday brochure showing a 5 day holiday for less than £250. By coach and ferry. I'm sorely tempted .... I've never been to Jersey. I remember the first time my father went there, he hired a car at the airport. He said it was pretty pointless as he could have walked round the island! I'm sure he was exaggerating.  :))

Mira Bilis 01/24/15 20:19

Happy memories of Jersey ... such a pleasant place.

LoNe ReBeL 07/17/13 14:22

Wish I was there :)


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