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S?jijiso-in Temple
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S?jijiso-in Temple

3 hours ago

S?jijiso-in Temple

6 hours ago

S?jijiso-in Temple

9 hours ago

S?jijiso-in Temple

12 hours ago

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Comments (15)

Homely 12/20/19 02:55

He was indeed a gentleman. Katie Baby was another one who was fun to talk to. As were Leenie and Ekaterina and Mira. So many friends missed! I wish Carol Scarborough would check back in again, too, as well as NQ. 

MD 12/20/19 02:51

He was a gentleman.  I enjoyed reading his chats with Katie Baby on The Bench before I even made my first comment.  I remember at Christmas he used to put some seasonal links. 

Homely 12/20/19 02:36

Oh, I am so very sorry to hear that. He was a great contributor. 

MD 12/19/19 19:15

Sorry ...... Blue has gone gone.  Must be over a year ago.  Someone whose name I didn't recognize put it on one of the cams.  I used to enjoy his comments from way back ... on The Bench. And he used to put really good links.

Like you .....  I wonder about Trader P.

Homely 12/19/19 17:31

was talking about blue...

MD 12/19/19 13:36

Homely .....  I have live feed.

Homely 12/19/19 03:50

Gone gone? Or just gone from OT?

Acacia hary 12/17/19 10:47

Very elaborate and insightful article. It gives me a fair amount of knowledge. It helps a lot for my work.

vex 3

MD 04/16/19 04:45

Sad to think Blue is gone.

MD 04/28/16 22:00

Trix ...... I agree.  :D

Bluebottle 06/27/15 12:20
trix abound 03/09/14 03:05

one must look beyond the wires for the beauty...see...there it is!!!

Enna Mahtal 03/05/14 01:56

I hate the power lines in this view.

Mira Bilis 12/11/13 23:58

Tranquil view.


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