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'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

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'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare
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'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

5141 hours ago

'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

5144 hours ago

'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

5147 hours ago

'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

5150 hours ago

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Comments (46)

MD 04/28/18 15:36

Hi Power.

superbDOG46 celebrated his 13th birthday 2 weeks ago.  I remember what happened to his dog.  It was enough to make anybody cry.

Power 04/28/18 14:48

Huh.. Very well.. 

Connor RK800 03/15/17 15:00

This webcam just reminds me of a recent accident to my great dane dog. Im almost crying

MD 01/14/17 00:27

Lizardmomma ..... you're getting some practice in. LOL

lizardmomma 01/13/17 23:59

I do remember, and I plan to be here much more when I can enjoy being at home and don't have to feel guilty about being on OT. I'm at work now, kinda slow, so I have to do something to keep myself awake till quitting time! :>

MD 01/12/17 22:29

Lizardmomma ...... I remember when we used to spend ages on another doggie cam. Sometimes you were still at work.

I see I mentioned you on here .... 27th of June 2015.

lizardmomma 01/12/17 22:11

Oh, I've never seen this cam before, how cute! I love doggies, kitties, all God's creatures, large and small!

sinister smile 09/28/15 15:47

I wonder how many times the staff have tripped over these dogs? They do like to get under their feet :)

sinister smile 09/15/15 21:35

This has to be one of my favourite cams, i love watching all these different dogs

Savannah Roberts 08/17/15 19:07

Someday, I'll open a place like this one so dogs can have a safe place. Not only that, it'll be my safe place too!

Dee dude 07/01/15 20:06

sniffdoghotel  cams are bright an clear. nice

Mira Bilis 06/27/15 16:29

Wow ... so many doggies!  :D

MD 06/27/15 16:18

The girl is cuddling a dog right now.  I used to have a huge list of these cams when Lizardmomma looked in more frequently. There are lots of them.

Mira Bilis 06/27/15 15:51

Hi Dee ... you might also like the Sniff Dog Hotel in Portland, Oregon ... their playroom cam used to be visible on Opentopia but I see it's not working at the moment.  However their other cams are working ...

MD 06/27/15 15:43

Dee .... the people who work here do seem to love their work...... what's not to love?  LOL!!

Dee dude 06/27/15 15:38

The young girl is geting her dose of dogie love. They just love her to pieces.[ SMILES ] that just so cool.


Dee dude 06/27/15 15:34

LoL I here that MD

MD 06/25/15 15:22

If only humans could get on so well together.  :)

Dee dude 06/25/15 15:15

Thanks for sharing Mira very decent of you. I will add this to my bookmarks. Very imformative web site

  you rock to / peace

Mira Bilis 06/24/15 18:37

I agree Dee.  :)  Here's their website, as I doubt they are even aware of Opentopia ...


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