'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

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'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare
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'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

3 hours ago

'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

6 hours ago

'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

9 hours ago

'My Three Dogs' Doggie Daycare

12 hours ago

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Comments (44)

superbDOG46 03/15/17 15:00

This webcam just reminds me of a recent accident to my great dane dog. Im almost crying

MD 01/14/17 00:27

Lizardmomma ..... you're getting some practice in. LOL

lizardmomma 01/13/17 23:59

I do remember, and I plan to be here much more when I can enjoy being at home and don't have to feel guilty about being on OT. I'm at work now, kinda slow, so I have to do something to keep myself awake till quitting time! :>

MD 01/12/17 22:29

Lizardmomma ...... I remember when we used to spend ages on another doggie cam. Sometimes you were still at work.

I see I mentioned you on here .... 27th of June 2015.

lizardmomma 01/12/17 22:11

Oh, I've never seen this cam before, how cute! I love doggies, kitties, all God's creatures, large and small!

sinister smile 09/28/15 15:47

I wonder how many times the staff have tripped over these dogs? They do like to get under their feet :)

sinister smile 09/15/15 21:35

This has to be one of my favourite cams, i love watching all these different dogs

Savannah Roberts 08/17/15 19:07

Someday, I'll open a place like this one so dogs can have a safe place. Not only that, it'll be my safe place too!

Dee dude 07/01/15 20:06

sniffdoghotel  cams are bright an clear. nice

Mira Bilis 06/27/15 16:29

Wow ... so many doggies!  :D

MD 06/27/15 16:18

The girl is cuddling a dog right now.  I used to have a huge list of these cams when Lizardmomma looked in more frequently. There are lots of them.

Mira Bilis 06/27/15 15:51

Hi Dee ... you might also like the Sniff Dog Hotel in Portland, Oregon ... their playroom cam used to be visible on Opentopia but I see it's not working at the moment.  However their other cams are working ... http://www.sniffdoghotel.com/web-cam/

MD 06/27/15 15:43

Dee .... the people who work here do seem to love their work...... what's not to love?  LOL!!

Dee dude 06/27/15 15:38

The young girl is geting her dose of dogie love. They just love her to pieces.[ SMILES ] that just so cool.


Dee dude 06/27/15 15:34

LoL I here that MD

MD 06/25/15 15:22

If only humans could get on so well together.  :)

Dee dude 06/25/15 15:15

Thanks for sharing Mira very decent of you. I will add this to my bookmarks. Very imformative web site

  you rock to / peace

Mira Bilis 06/24/15 18:37

I agree Dee.  :)  Here's their website, as I doubt they are even aware of Opentopia ... http://www.mythreedogs.com/

Dee dude 06/24/15 18:27

Great job / you all ROCK

Dee dude 06/24/15 18:25

On a scale of 1 to 10 I give you a 10. The young folks here do a great job looking after the dogs. I

drop in once in a while to see the dogs and they always look content & happy


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