Caviness Mountain

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Caviness Mountain
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Caviness Mountain

7 hours ago

Caviness Mountain

10 hours ago

Caviness Mountain

25 hours ago

Caviness Mountain

28 hours ago

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Comments (12)

MD 01/17/17 23:13

Yes ...... beautiful.

isaiah A. 01/17/17 23:05

this is a nice camera view :)

isaiah A. 01/17/17 23:04
isaiah A. 01/17/17 23:04
MD 12/14/14 22:04

Beautiful view.... looking down on the clouds.

N Q 12/14/14 21:46

I have a niece who lives here. Her & her husband go hiking up in the mountains most weekends and now that the mountains are snow covered, they ski.

Mira Bilis 12/14/14 21:34

I love the way the sky changes here.  Refreshing stills work.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/05/14 16:51

Beautiful view. Just wish it was live.

MD 04/30/14 21:13

Mira Bilis, you're right, it won't change, sadly. Things like that happen predominantly in America but we've had Dunblane and other shootings. They seem to be happening more frequently. There doesn't seem to be a solution.

Mira Bilis 04/30/14 21:00

I remember watching the documentary movie "Bowling For Columbine" that Michael Moore made.  Regardless of your views on guns and gun control, it was a very moving and sobering film.  My own view is that there are too many twisted priorites here ... they're too busy being hysterical about big government/birth control/tobacco etc. etc., than worrying about how many potentially unstable individuals own guns.  However, I'm not naive enough to believe that things will ever change ... which makes it all the more sad. :/

MD 04/30/14 20:09

I've just watched a really sad prog about Columbine High. Seems there were warning signs for a while but as ever, easy to have 20/20 vision in hindsight.

kyle 07/08/13 02:47

What ever that is in the sky, is moving very rapid, enlarge it and see for yourself, it has condensed air around in, when they snapped the picture, you can see the effect when a large jet takes off just as it goes airborne or slowing down to land


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