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Takimidai Waterfall

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Takimidai Waterfall
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Takimidai Waterfall

3257 hours ago

Takimidai Waterfall

3260 hours ago

Takimidai Waterfall

3275 hours ago

Takimidai Waterfall

3278 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 11/28/14 11:31

Carol... a belated Happy Birthday.  :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/28/14 07:08

Ty very much Kyle and Mira!!!!

kyle 11/28/14 06:48

You wont likely see this for a while, but a very Happy Birthday kiddo

Mira Bilis 11/28/14 05:40

Happy Birthday Carol!  And on Thanksgiving too!  Hope you had a doubly great day.  :)

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/28/14 00:16

Green thumb please.


It's my Birthday today so green thumb me for my birthday, lol.

sakana 11/18/14 02:04
the webcam seems working in the daytime

Mira Bilis 10/12/14 21:35

Beautiful autumn shades.

Mira Bilis 10/10/14 01:24
Mira Bilis 04/05/14 21:00


trix abound 03/09/14 02:12's frozon...thanks zoomer

trix abound 03/09/14 01:54

sorry...i just dont see any water or a waterfall

Hazel Jones 08/06/13 03:32



kyle 07/05/13 04:23

this is so slick, watching the Fog, or Clouds , however you want to call it, sweep by the cam, very cool, like on a Colorado Mtn and you stop by the road side, where most clouds are beneath you.  it gives you a very strange feeling, like in  a plane up high


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