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Harford County Airport
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Harford County Airport

31132 hours ago

Harford County Airport

31135 hours ago

Harford County Airport

31138 hours ago

Harford County Airport

31141 hours ago

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Comments (25)

MD 07/05/15 20:34

Mira ...... so much stupid in the world. :D

Mira Bilis 07/05/15 20:16

I love that video ... it always cracks me up seeing the people get bowled over on the beach! ;)

MD 07/05/15 19:43

On a tv prog I just saw people win a prize which involves landing at this airport:

and they were pleased!!!!!!!!

MD 08/17/14 16:40

I just saw a yellow plane land and now the prop is moving on another plane.

MD 08/12/14 14:59

Tail end of hurricane Bertha got to us yesterday, winds and rain, and the same again today.

trix abound 08/12/14 14:52

this is tomorrows weather for me...i'm sure there will be flood watches out...

MD 08/12/14 14:50

Carol, I can see it's raining heavily so maybe there won't be any lessons right now. Planes take off and land just in front of the tree line. Good fun.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/12/14 14:40

Awesome!! Ty I will bookmark it!!

MD 08/12/14 14:28

CAROL!!!!!!!!!! This is a cam that has quite a bit of action! If you look at my comment on 29th of October and Dona's comment on 4th of April you will see how pleased we were. :D

Arizona Sue 07/30/14 20:28

I can never get a live picture on this camera. I lived in that area for most of my life and never realized that the airport was a flight school.

N Q 07/06/14 17:48

subcom it's year/month/day which makes it January 2, 2011

this cam is living in a time warp :)

Wikem Dice 07/06/14 17:40

January 2nd, 2011 or February 1st, 2011?

N Q 05/13/14 22:36

I love how clear this cam is, wish they all looked like this one.

Mira Bilis 05/13/14 22:28

There were a couple of guys in shorts and flip-flops who just got into one and took off. :)

MD 05/13/14 22:20

It's an interesting cam if you catch it at the right time.

Mira Bilis 05/13/14 22:01

Nice little planes.

MD 02/05/14 17:11

I don't think anyone will be going anywhere today.

MD 10/29/13 17:23

I've just spent over an hour looking at this cam. I watched 2 people get into N9634C, start it up, roll down the slope, take off from right to left. Another one filled up with fuel and did the same, followed by several more. Just as I thought I'd got the system, taking off from right to left, a red and white plane took off straight across the grass from the little path in the foreground towards the trees. N96etc took off at 10.53. At 11.59 I noticed it was being parked up. I then realised it was probably a flying lesson and Googled the airport. And yes, it's a flight school. Most interesting hour. Beats train spotting!!


MD 10/22/13 21:31

Hi Dona. I just saw a plane take off! First of all it rolled down the slope then took off from right to left.

The trees are looking colourful.

dona brantley 06/04/13 22:19

i got lucky i watched take offs and that was fun


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