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Southernmost Hotel - Pool Cam
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Southernmost Hotel - Pool Cam

62728 hours ago

Southernmost Hotel - Pool Cam

62731 hours ago

Southernmost Hotel - Pool Cam

62734 hours ago

Southernmost Hotel - Pool Cam

62737 hours ago

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Comments (100)

Mira Bilis 07/18/15 17:25

Those canopies with drapes are a good idea.

Mira Bilis 07/18/15 14:43

Thanks Teo ... that's a very nice looking hotel.  :)

MD 07/18/15 14:41

Nice link Teo.

Teo West 07/18/15 14:22

Here is a link to this and two more cams. Right click on an image and choose view. They might have a slow refresh but they are live. Don;t let the dialogue scare you off.    


florida 05/25/15 22:30

Last one in the pool is a jelly fish. he he

Alina ? 05/24/15 19:15

Is that a smudge at the bottom left? It's a bit distracting...

MD 03/17/15 13:18

Glorious sunshine.

MD 02/16/15 20:32

Hi Kyle..... maybe they sit in the shade to try avoid the risk of skin cancer. Not everyone likes to get burnt to a crisp.  :)

kyle 02/16/15 20:22

either that or after a few hours here . they huddle in the shade , cowering away from the sun stunned at the controversy

kyle 02/16/15 20:19

you can tell the tourists, at least the ones from far north country, they are very pale and stunned to sit in the hot sun hahahahaha

mortuus 01/11/15 15:17

mm so unfair they swim in water and i freeze my balls off in cold sweden... :(

Mira Bilis 11/13/14 20:05

Hard to believe this summery scene when you see so many snowy cams further north.

florida 08/26/14 16:24

last one in the pool is a jelly fish

trix abound 08/05/14 12:05

LOL....must be catching...

MD 08/05/14 11:57

Hi Trix, sorry I wasn't there in your hour of need, that was 2am and I'd gone to bed. So.... your computer was doing its thing. That has been known to happen to someone else...... LOL

trix abound 08/05/14 11:45

Steve...your so funny...hahahaha

Steve Sharp 08/05/14 01:17

Bloody hell!

Steve Sharp 08/05/14 01:16

oh no she is back agggggh!

33392 08/05/14 01:15


trix abound 08/05/14 01:04



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