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Comments (19)

MD 08/25/17 11:39

Rain Shadow ....... this cam is† I copied and pasted the "address" of page 277 and emailed it to my daughter. When she clicked on the link it was just the home page of Opentopia. So ..... you're right. Which is such a shame.

Rain Shadow 08/24/17 18:24

In other words, I guess you can only share a link to an individual camera, be it live or dead.

Rain Shadow 08/24/17 18:21

I do not think you can share a link to a page of cameras if they are stored in your own unique 'My Cams' folder.†

MD 08/24/17 18:10

Rain Shadow ..... Flemming Funch has deleted comments during the time that I've been looking at Opentopia. He once deleted a particular comment from Dona and when she queried what had happened to it ...... Flemming said he was sorry but he must have deleted it by mistake.

Moose 08/24/17 18:07

I am going to keep quiet and let Rain Shadow express our amazement at the results of that math.

MD 08/24/17 18:06

Moose ...... from time to time we've had strange people on here ..... one that comes to mind is Curious George. Trix and I would carry on a conversation, leaping from cam to cam so that George couldn't keep up.

MD 08/24/17 18:03

I haven't been looking for old comments. Why have a dog .......† :D

What I have been doing is deleting cams on "My Cams" that were blurred/blue with no comments on them at all. I now have 276 pages of 15 and page 277 has just 9 cams. I was trying to figure a way to put a link so that you could access them.

Moose 08/24/17 17:55

Sometimes it will seem like the first comment just comes out of the blue and some background is missing. †Could be cross cam discussions, but ones like "I have not been here in quite a while" stand out.

MD 08/24/17 17:50

When you say "missing comments" do you mean that some comments seem out of context?

Moose 08/24/17 17:49

The resident archivist is very quiet. †She must be looking for old comments!

Moose 08/24/17 17:44

Rain Shadow... That is an excellent theory. †Back in 2005 or so, storage space was harder to come by than it is today and housecleaning was common. †Now you just go buy another terabyte drive and move on.

Rain Shadow 08/24/17 17:37

My own theory about missing comments is that Mr Funch may have done some 'house cleaning,' perhaps to free up space.† Just a theory.

Moose 08/24/17 17:05

These are the ones that are still active. †The massive list of "lost" cams might have even older stuff. †And there is still the mystery of missing comments.

Moose 08/24/17 17:01

MD... I figured the Bench would be the root of OT but it turns out it was actually kind of a latecomer. †At least with commenting.

Multinet AS

Lorenz 01/28/05 00:43

I guess Linux runs on this hardware?

Ristorante 'O Canonico 1898

buono 02/07/05 15:43

Brilliant, like being at home!

View from Moscow State University Main Building

loverice 04/12/05 05:20

how nice, Moscow!

MD 08/24/17 16:54

Fred Bear gets it!†† So far ...........

Moose 08/24/17 16:32
Buffalo Trace Distillery--Still House
FredBear 01/24/05 15:52 Please, someone, tell me what this is?!?
MD 08/24/17 15:54

Hi Moose.† I think there may be duplicates of this cam.

I think this could be the oldest comment ....... first one on The Bench:

Warjat 05/24/05 20:27 That's pretty cool!
Moose 08/24/17 15:34

And three more years since the last comment. †The first comment is about the oldest I have seen.

MD 10/04/14 11:02

Dona..... no-one has commented on this cam for over 4 years. Seems we all post on another one! I love this view.


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