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Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie
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Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

23674 hours ago

Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

23677 hours ago

Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

23680 hours ago

Cleveland Water Intake Crib - Lake Erie

23683 hours ago

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Comments (214)

Moose 02/08/18 02:30

MD... Thanks for noticing. It was a day or so before you abandoned us, and I forgot all about it.

MD 02/07/18 23:09

Useful weather link.

deacon 01/01/18 02:21

Frigid here and the lake will be freezing shortly. Time for ice fishin!

Silver Squirrel 12/23/17 18:17

Looks like a dreary day in Cleveburg.

deacon 12/13/17 11:01

High NW winds lately make for tall waves and good viewing before the ice forms.

deacon 03/30/17 10:34

Good to see this cam is back up and running. The Earthcam of the Crib is still much better.

MD 11/18/16 12:31

Deacon ..... I'm bringing this link forward. You put it on here in August. And it has sound.

MD 11/18/16 12:19

Hi Deacon ..... what a shame. I like this cam.

deacon 11/18/16 11:21

Doesn't look like this camera will be running before winter sets in.

MD 09/20/16 17:02

Hi Deacon ..... I agree.

deacon 09/20/16 15:57

The Earthcam pic really looks great at night in COLOR. Far better than this one and has sound of the waves.

MD 08/29/16 13:03

Deacon ..... thank you very much. It's so clear and it has sound. That's lovely. I shall keep bringing the link forward. :D

deacon 08/29/16 12:49

You can view it hear. It's probably better since the antennas aren't in the way.

MD 08/29/16 11:42

Yes .... it's a shame.

deacon 08/29/16 10:29

I hope someone swims out to the crib soon and fixes this camera. I do miss it.

deacon 05/07/16 22:01

I would now have to say atleast 30 feet ontop of the massive intake barge.

deacon 05/07/16 21:45

This camera has to be up atleast 20 feet. Presently, there is a 16-18 foot fishing boat here and it looks like a toy sitting in the water.

MD 04/09/16 20:01

NQ .... sorry about that. In my old job .... when you take a statement ... you aren't allowed to put your own slant on it. You take it as it's said. LOL

N Q 04/09/16 19:53

MD I have a feeling Deacon just meant he felt sorry for the eagle that went fishing for the fish.


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