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Cable Car Mountain Station and Restaurant
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Cable Car Mountain Station and Restaurant

6 hours ago

Cable Car Mountain Station and Restaurant

9 hours ago

Cable Car Mountain Station and Restaurant

12 hours ago

Cable Car Mountain Station and Restaurant

15 hours ago

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Comments (23)

MD 01/25/20 16:20

Hi Zsombor Udvari  ... thank you for trying ....  I wouldn't have a clue.

Zsombor Udvari 01/25/20 15:18

Eh, whatever... For some reason, it's reset itshelf to the shitty "home position"... At least, I tried... :/

Zsombor Udvari 01/25/20 15:15

I tried to get a bit better wiev on the cam page, however I can't correct the bad focus (it doesn't respond when I click the focus slider)...

Infantil 01/09/16 08:47

A drop of water, on the cam...

MD 07/22/15 15:51

In mind and body.† :D

trix abound 07/22/15 15:43

yes....i do hope he is well!!!!!!!!

MD 07/22/15 15:36

Trix ..... sometimes I miss our little conversations with him .... and his long conversations with us. LOL

trix abound 07/22/15 15:28

LOL MD....i remember that too!!!!!!!!!

MD 07/22/15 15:10

Well ...... I do recall a conversation between you and he who shall not be named ..... about the size of your brain.† LOL!!!!!!!

trix abound 07/22/15 15:02

LOL came from my own "little" brain!!!!!

MD 07/22/15 14:53

Wow Trix .... where did you get that statement from ..... I love it!

trix abound 07/22/15 14:47

LOL much little understood!!!!!!!!

MD 07/22/15 14:24

Trix ... this cam .... 16th july.

MD 07/22/15 12:52


MD 07/02/15 14:31

I never did like cable cars.† :)

Mira Bilis 03/18/15 16:00
Mira Bilis 02/03/15 16:43

What a fabulous view!

trix abound 02/03/15 16:27

WOW....we are above the clouds!!!!!

MD 07/16/14 18:41

Kyle, I didn't bring up the Nelly cam caper. You are saying this because of the comment on The Bench when I was under the impression that you thought Sidney was Greek. I don't know why you didn't put your comment on† The Bench where it could be read in context.

Kyle Gosnell 07/16/14 18:28

MD ID†Im not angry at you, Im†a bit hurt you try to belittle me every time Im on. no way i can see to fix it, and assume it was on the stupid Nelly cam that broke the apple cart for you, i was in reality quite ill then trying to do some scientific work as I watched, all worked out but lost a friend over it, not worth it,† , real†friends are way to hard to find

There are key points that come up if you read the texts on the bench and some on Nellys, not much there it was a creaping thing i caught too late in order to fix, sad, vary sad thing, in any case im not goin to argue with you, once told you why, but assume you have forgotten , no matter, from now on, only will i answer a hard poke that belittles is if too far, but only remind it went too far ok, I find arguing a belittling thing and benieth both of us, you guys have been picking me apart for some time, so reluctantly I stand down


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