Overlooking Peilstein Mühlviertel

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Overlooking Peilstein Mühlviertel
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Overlooking Peilstein Mühlviertel

5 hours ago

Overlooking Peilstein Mühlviertel

8 hours ago

Overlooking Peilstein Mühlviertel

11 hours ago

Overlooking Peilstein Mühlviertel

14 hours ago

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Comments (10)

Mira Bilis 09/29/14 16:20


MD 07/13/14 14:09

I love this cam. That church looks so tall.

MD 06/27/14 15:29

Mira Bilis, I went to youtube and listened to it!

Trix, I had a scooter but I feel safer walking the narrow lanes. Just sometimes I miss it.

trix abound 06/27/14 15:11

MD...you need a little scooter....

Mira Bilis 06/27/14 15:04

LOL ... no I'm not going to link to Frank Zappa's song Valley Girl!  ;P

MD 06/27/14 13:42

Trix, I should have added that I've just walked down and back and now I'm soaking my feet in a bubbly foot spa! Bliss. LOL

MD 06/27/14 13:35

Trix, my daughter is the valley girl. I live on a hill. When I visit her, walking down hill, it takes me about 10mins. Coming back home is another story! When we have a few inches of snow, the whole place gets cut off. But I love it.

trix abound 06/27/14 13:05

MD...i had no idea you were a "valley girl"...lol

MD 06/27/14 10:59

Carol, it's lovely. It's a similar layout to my area, you can't get out of town without going up a hill.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 06/27/14 04:54

Cozy little Valley.


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