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Cafe Konditorei Dankl Hotel & Restaurant

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Cafe Konditorei Dankl Hotel & Restaurant
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Cafe Konditorei Dankl Hotel & Restaurant

740 hours ago

Cafe Konditorei Dankl Hotel & Restaurant

743 hours ago

Cafe Konditorei Dankl Hotel & Restaurant

746 hours ago

Cafe Konditorei Dankl Hotel & Restaurant

749 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 02/01/19 12:09

Luckily enough ... no.  She had an appointment with the dentist so had the evening off.  She lives at the bottom of a hill and work is only across the road.  I'm half way up a steep hill so I won't be setting foot outside until the snow has gone.  I wasn't planning on going anywhere until Saturday  ..... it might all be gone by then.  Fingers and toes crossed.


stargzr 02/01/19 11:34

Well yeah, the wine goes without saying.  :D

Wish I could get a glimpse.  Good job you got enough chocolate!  Is daughter at work now?

MD 02/01/19 11:29

Good advice ........  but you missed out the red wine!!!!   :D

It's really coming down now.  Thank heavens I added to my chocolate stash yesterday.  LOL!!!

stargzr 02/01/19 11:22

Hunker down, stay warm and get out the hot chocolate !!!!

MD 02/01/19 11:17

Well darn!!!   It's snowing  ..... and sticking.    :(

MD 02/01/19 11:05

You've just reminded me .........  I can recall Trix's hubby having to scrape the snow off the roof.  I'm lucky where I live. Although I'm living in Dartmoor National Park ...... which gets a fair bit of snow ...... I'm on the southern edge of it and don't get too much snow.  I've been here almost 9 years and only got snowed in twice ...... the whole town was cut off.  On the link ..... I'm in the thin green border under the bottom   "5 - 10cm."

Cornwall,  which Devon borders on to,  has had some snow today so I won't be surprised if we get some.   Hopefully it will disappear as quickly as it falls.

stargzr 02/01/19 10:40

So beautiful, MD.  When I lived in upstate New York and the snow got that heavy, I had to climb up on the roof and shovel it off so the roof wouldn't collapse under the weight.  I really don't miss those days at all!  Just looked at my weather and possible snow flurries predicted for this weekend or next week.

MD 02/01/19 10:33

Hi stargzr ...... Christmas trees brighten the place up.  Look how deep the snow is on the roof near to the Christmas tree.

MD 02/01/19 10:30

Thanks Moose.

Moose 02/01/19 10:03

Refreshing Stills updates every 6 seconds.  Not exactly live feed, but better than nothing.

stargzr 02/01/19 09:53

And they still have their Christmas tree.....nice.

MD 02/01/19 09:50

Shame this doesn't have live feed.

Moose 05/25/17 20:29

Is this where I should put a dumpy egg poetry? 


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