Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - Exit into Detroit

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Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - Exit into Detroit
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Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - Exit into Detroit

4 hours ago

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - Exit into Detroit

7 hours ago

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - Exit into Detroit

10 hours ago

Detroit-Windsor Tunnel - Exit into Detroit

13 hours ago

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Comments (77)

MD 11/08/19 12:41

You and many others I should imagine.

stargzr 11/08/19 02:46

My escape route if 2020 goes badly.

Dai sy 06/18/19 21:34

 The web site is lovingly serviced and saved as much as date. So it should be, thanks for sharing this with us
Jack Schmitt 02/01/19 01:24

Too bad the time is off by about 7 hours.

MD 03/15/17 12:52

Would that be spam?

Serf Inc 03/15/17 11:55

It's so exciting for <a href="">SerfCompany</a>

deacon 08/14/16 16:50

Bill Dude, I understand that the customs officers have a tough job. I have gone to Windsor many times, every time I was treated with disrespect when I drove up the the gates. Now you can't tell me every one of them had a bad day.

MD 03/21/16 12:11

Hi Bill ..... I know the feeling. I was a cop.  You do your job but some people resent you for it.

bill dude 03/21/16 02:34

Oh and btw, I have worked this location and the bridge.

bill dude 03/21/16 02:33

Haven't been at this cam in a while. But I see that deacon has a low opinion of U.S. Customs officers. Having retired as a senior Customs officer I can tell you that most officers are just there to do their job and go home after shift, like everyone else. Do you run into a rude store clerk, once in a while, does that make all store clerks rude? We are no different. Try standing out there for 8-12 hours a day talking to people that instead of considering your protectng the security and ecpnomy of our country, think your there to just intrude on their life. I have to say the worse people entering into our country are American citizens. Way to many think they are above the law. Most vehicles crossing the bridge into America are delayed for no more than a minute, some longer Next time try just being polite and not some privileged "special" person.

MD 09/14/15 01:27

Mira ...... I've noticed rough water on that crib cam. And Loch Ness sometimes has decent waves.

Mira Bilis 09/14/15 01:17

It is MD ... very moving.  Hard to imagine storms on the Great Lakes but they can be even more violent than ocean storms.

MD 09/14/15 00:23

How sad.

trix abound 09/13/15 23:33

love Gordon Lightfoot!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 09/13/15 23:17

They just played Gordon Lightfoot's "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" on the radio ... it reminded me of this camera and Bill dude's comment about it on 10/06/14 ... I'd forgotten what a great song it is ...

MD 05/11/15 11:39

Hi Deacon..... I never imagined getting across the border without a passport. And I can't imagine not having a passport. Mind you, when you compare the size of the UK to the US .... I can see why you wouldn't need a passport. You have plenty of space to roam without needing to cross borders. We, on the other hand, would be confined to a tiny island.

I like the view on this cam when the lights are still on ..... just before it gets fully daylight.

deacon 05/11/15 10:04

I have been here many times. The Canadian/ U.S. border is right thru the river. Those are border patrols. As far as the tunnel goes, there are random vehicle stops where customs agents will go over vehicles. Most of the patrols I have encountered are rude. I have not been there for a while since a passport is now required and I do not have one.

MD 05/10/15 14:31

Thanks Trix..... I've bookmarked that!!!!

Mira Bilis 05/10/15 14:26

Thanks for the cam link Deacon ... I see there's police on the river too.

trix abound 05/10/15 14:08's some!!!!


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