Villingen-Schwenningen Roof Cam

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Villingen-Schwenningen Roof Cam
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Villingen-Schwenningen Roof Cam

5 hours ago

Villingen-Schwenningen Roof Cam

8 hours ago

Villingen-Schwenningen Roof Cam

11 hours ago

Villingen-Schwenningen Roof Cam

14 hours ago

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Comments (16)

MD 06/02/15 15:50

Maybe when the weather's a bit warmer.  :D

Teo West 06/02/15 15:40

I think there's something missing. They need an aluminum folding chair so they can sit up here at night and wait for the ufos.

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 17:48

Indeed they do.  :)

MD 05/27/15 17:40

Mira ... I typed in and this was one of the pages that came up. Seems they have quite a few cams in this place.

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 17:16

MD ... I found the IP after doing the right-click & 'view image info' thing ... which I did after I looked up the website.  :D

MD 05/27/15 16:56

Mira .... I re-read your comment about the clue being in the web address. You have amazing powers of deduction from such a small clue!  And presumably the IP address?  :D

MD 05/27/15 16:52

Mira ..... there's no fun keeping out of mischief!  :)

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 16:36

(.de is the German equivalent of or .com )  :)

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 16:32

LOL ... keeps me out of mischief I suppose.  ;)

MD 05/27/15 16:02

All I see is          I know de is Germany but that's about it. Mira .... we just ain't got the smarts!  :D

trix abound 05/27/15 10:13

LOL....yes....yes, you are...i looked and it said nothing to me!!!!!!!!

Mira Bilis 05/27/15 04:56

The clue was in the web address in the top left corner ... lol ... am I the only person who ever notices these things?  ;)

trix abound 05/27/15 00:39

Mira....which one is it??????

trix abound 05/27/15 00:38

here's 2

Teo West 05/27/15 00:20

I think this neighborhood has been transported from Villingen-Schwenningen. Where we viewed it a few days ago.

MD 03/20/15 17:12

What an odd view.


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