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Rathausplatz from Hotel Am Rathaus on Rathausgasse

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Rathausplatz from Hotel Am Rathaus on Rathausgasse
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Rathausplatz from Hotel Am Rathaus on Rathausgasse

6679 hours ago

Rathausplatz from Hotel Am Rathaus on Rathausgasse

6682 hours ago

Rathausplatz from Hotel Am Rathaus on Rathausgasse

6685 hours ago

Rathausplatz from Hotel Am Rathaus on Rathausgasse

6688 hours ago

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Comments (142)

Rain Shadow 11/17/16 19:58

It looks like Christmas has arrived in Freiburg.

Mira Bilis 12/18/15 19:14

Lots of festive bustle.

Mira Bilis 11/19/15 23:13

NQ ... I think that individual who is posting about network cam links is ... as we Brits would say ... taking the piss! 

N Q 11/19/15 22:45

If I remember right that market was there right up to christmas last year.

Mira Bilis 11/19/15 22:39

Lots of market stalls too.

N Q 11/19/15 22:04

ugly christmas lights up here again this year !

Mira Bilis 11/14/15 17:13

Very pretty ... it looks like a projection of some kind.

N Q 11/14/15 16:11

Oh WOW look at the lights here.

hmmmm maybe they're a reflection from a window ?

MD 04/19/15 16:41

Thanks Mira .... I just had a look round the roof tops.

Mira Bilis 04/19/15 16:20

Axis cam pages seem to be taking longer to load lately ... here's the controllable cam page again ...

MD 04/19/15 16:15

Yikes ...... it just changed before my very eyes!!!!

MD 04/19/15 16:14

Trix ..... if you wait long enough it will change before your very eyes.

trix abound 04/19/15 16:11

MD...this cam is froze but every time i come back, it's a different scene!!!!!!

MD 04/19/15 15:58

I know exactly what you mean. I've had more attention from my hubby in the 5 years since I left him than I had in the previous 23 years when I lived with him. Like you ..... it's too little too late.

trix abound 04/19/15 15:49

it's as if the stuff he has been doing for the last 4-6 months will more than make up for 40 years of doing nothing!!!!!!

trix abound 04/19/15 15:47

MD....i'm sure it's just a rumor hubby started to "get me going"....he does crap like that!!!!

MD 04/19/15 15:39

Ye Gods Trix ...... that's fantastic news ....... but you'd really miss him. I think you have a softer heart than me. I would be dancing on a table ...  with a packet of cheese puffs in each hand!!!!!

Thanks for pointing out that it was hubby not the bear .... you know how confused I get. :))) 

trix abound 04/19/15 15:10

P.S.    hubby....not the bear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

trix abound 04/19/15 15:10

LOL MD....our cellar use be be full of crap that hubby was saving but he has cleaned quite a bit out now....i heard a rumor that he will be moving to Florida and living in his van!!!!!!!!!!!

MD 04/19/15 14:55

Trix .... I typed a reply but before I "added comment" my son rang and then my daughter texted. And my comment disappeared. Someone might say he'd been hacked but I know it was timed out. Anyway.... so once a month he remembers he's a dad....... a bear in the back garden ..... yikes!!!! But more than that ... you have a cellar????? I think all houses should have one. We used to have one ..... it was like Aladdin's cave!  :)


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