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The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park
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The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

5 hours ago

The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

8 hours ago

The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

11 hours ago

The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

14 hours ago

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Comments (177)

roj ldee 08/30/22 08:24

People probably hunted it when there was a severe famine in between. Korea had a large population compared to its area, and sometimes severe famines came. So, hunting wild animals is not abnormal. Long ago, even rhinos and hyenas lived in the Korean Peninsula. The bones are excavated. For the case of monkeys, there is a record about native monkeys of AD 527, early period of Silla kingdom.

No Name 04/12/22 01:52


Gordy Weigle 12/17/20 07:22

Tons of monkeys playing in the snow recently.....

A bit unusual, but probably grabbing all the food given because of generosity during the holiday season.

Gordy Weigle 12/12/20 05:24

Lot’s of monkeys at the moment……

Occasionally a monkey will climb up and stare into the camera, giving us a full-screen view.

Gordy Weigle 08/14/20 06:14

Lottsa "Monkey business" at the moment!

Val City 07/26/20 09:43

Ok i saw how one mokey hitted the camera while a man pointed a him like ¨hey!¨ LMAO

Gordy Weigle 06/18/20 22:22

What’s with all the cute monkeys? - haven’t seen them for awhile.

A guy comes by on occasion and tosses what I assume to be “monkey chow” into the area and, most likely, the monkeys post lookouts. Hope the guy’s just on vacation.

Ed Hilver 06/14/20 10:00

Ok :)

Gordy Weigle 06/13/20 03:12

For anyone interested in the Embry Riddle cam in Prescott, Arizona - here’s their “Controllable” cam version:

For over 30 years I operated mail order businesses between Phoenix and Rockford, Illinois. Prescott is one of my favorite cities; beautiful setting up in the mountains.

At one time they had 3 high quality cams, in the downtown area. During the winter months I often checked weather conditions there before driving up from Phoenix, they can get snowed in at times.

My friends and I own planes, and I always checked the Prescott airport cam to get a general idea of flight activity. The majority of activity is from Embry Riddle during the week, and they have priority. If air traffic is heavy, it’s easy to get placed into a holding pattern for 20 or 30 minutes, in which case I would drive up there.

For anyone into Western History, such as myself, Prescott has tons of that. Wyatt Earp’s brother Virgil was there for some time as a Deputy Sheriff and owned a saw mill.

Doc Holliday also hung out there, and all the Earp brothers met there to start their journey south to Tombstone.

MD 06/13/20 02:55


Gordy Weigle 06/13/20 02:46

It's been at least a couole weeks since I last saw them.



MD 06/12/20 01:35

Well darn .....  not a monkey in sight.

JimE 06/12/20 01:20

Monkey see, monkey do!

MD 03/26/20 21:16

They really are fun to watch.

Night wrangler 03/26/20 05:45

Finally saw the monkeys live! I have been watching this thing since 2013 and tonight I  am happy.

stargzr 11/08/19 03:33

monkeys are in hiding

Ellen Anderson 09/10/19 00:18

Spider-cam now.

MD 06/11/18 11:29

There used to be 2 identical cams. Now there is just this one.

Banana Peanuts 01/27/18 02:08

I love seeing the monkeys in the snow!

Rain Shadow 09/04/17 00:13

Wait until you see the one that is knitting.


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