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The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park
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The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

5 hours ago

The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

11 hours ago

The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

14 hours ago

The Monkey Walk at Kanbanotaki Natural Park

17 hours ago

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Comments (164)

stargzr 11/08/19 03:33

monkeys are in hiding

Ellen Anderson 09/10/19 00:18

Spider-cam now.†

Acacia hary 06/18/19 03:05

The image of the monkey was captured quite clearly. Very interesting information. Please keep up with interesting and interesting news.

alice taylor 03/08/19 21:03

I'm happy about everything you bring it very interesting and helpful, thanks

MD 06/11/18 11:29

There used to be 2 identical cams.† Now there is just this one.

Banana Peanuts 01/27/18 02:08

I love seeing the monkeys in the snow!

Rain Shadow 09/04/17 00:13

Wait until you see the one that is knitting.

Moose 09/03/17 23:46

One is sleeping. †I think it is Chimp Chan.

Moose 09/03/17 23:45

Wow. †Lotsa monkeys.

Rain Shadow 09/03/17 23:23

The monkeys are out.

Banana Peanuts 08/18/17 02:30

No monkeys today. Hoping to see some soon†

Banana Peanuts 08/17/17 01:46

Awww THree monkeys on camera now!

treefrogusa 07/31/17 05:37

Don't see any monkeys, just people

Rain Shadow 03/15/17 00:52

One just came right up to the camera.† They are very entertaining.

Cheri xx 03/15/17 00:37

The monkeys are so cute! Just love how some guy is stood in the middle of them like he's scared to move. lol

Rain Shadow 01/31/17 01:14

The monkeys are out in full force again.

Way557 01/28/17 00:43

Brittany, You're missing them.

Brittany S 01/14/17 01:17

I see tourists, I was hoping to see Monkey's playing in the snow lol†

lizardmomma 01/13/17 23:31

Wow, snow is really coming down, how pretty! Hope the monkeys have somewhere warm to hang out.

Rain Shadow 01/13/17 00:20

Monkeys in the snow again.† The snow seems to have come later this time.


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