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Plattling-Bahnhof Railway Station

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Plattling-Bahnhof  Railway Station
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Plattling-Bahnhof  Railway Station

3722 hours ago

Plattling-Bahnhof  Railway Station

3725 hours ago

Plattling-Bahnhof  Railway Station

3728 hours ago

Plattling-Bahnhof  Railway Station

3731 hours ago

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Comments (95)

Moose 03/11/18 14:35

Hello MD...  I was very pleased to see that good manners still exist.  

MD 03/11/18 13:20

Hi Moose ......... what a refreshing newcomer!    :D

Moose 03/11/18 13:14

Since you said please, try here.

abi vilan pradana 03/11/18 06:09

Can i can access indonesian cam's ? please


MD 08/16/16 16:36

Hi Larry ...... yes ..... we do talk funny! And another funny thing ...... he was my favourite too. :D

Larry Mac 08/16/16 16:13

I learned something there, thanks for the information. I did not know they were saying " Sir Topham Hatt" it sounds like Sir top of hat to me.   You English talk funny    LOL

MD 08/05/16 00:10

Larry ...... just read the first sentence.  :D

Larry Mac 08/04/16 23:12

My favorite is Sir Top of Hat

MD 08/02/16 00:34

Thomas the Tank Engine and The Fat Controller!   :D

Larry Mac 08/02/16 00:00

I keep looking for Thomas the useful engine.

indigo 05/15/16 09:28

I think they have updated the camera here as the colors are very clear, unlike the black and white views it had before.

MD 05/14/16 09:20

HI Larry and Mrs Mac ..... today on UK channel E4 there are 13 episodes ..... well actually 14 but one of them is on at 2pm and for some reason they are showing that one again at 6.30. So that's 1.30 to 3.30 and then 6pm until 11pm and there's also E4 +1hr so there's no excuse for missing such a brilliant prog. On Sunday there are only 9 eps but I'll live. LOL!!

Larry Mac 05/14/16 07:10

Wow, you certainly have a lot to choose from.  I went to and watched the last EP again last night because my wife missed it on Thursday.

MD 05/13/16 11:21

Larry ..... I have a channel that has re-runs of The Big Bang Theory every day, 3 eps on weekdays...last Saturday - 9 eps and Sunday 8 eps. I don't watch them all ..... but I have my daily fix. I haven't seen the final ep of the series yet.

Larry Mac 05/13/16 08:43

Just watched the season final episode tonight.  I will miss it until next season, however we do have the reruns.


MD 05/09/16 11:06

Sheldon Cooper is my hero ...... my laptop is called Sheldon.   LOL

Larry Mac 05/09/16 10:13

Sheldon Cooper would love this place.

Larry Mac 05/09/16 10:12

This is an interesting station, I am surprised that you guys don't comment more often.


MD 09/12/15 18:38

And usually there is a train or 2 going through.


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