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Vabaduse väljak
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Vabaduse väljak

4 hours ago

Vabaduse väljak

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Vabaduse väljak

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Vabaduse väljak

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Comments (15)

tommy hulk123 10/03/17 07:00

It's great because of the knowledge you share with us, I will always follow your blog and will share your blog with my friends

MD 06/10/17 18:26

Beautiful.  I'd love to visit.

Rain Shadow 06/10/17 17:42

A crowded square today.  Tallinn does look like a nice city.

MD 07/27/15 12:54

Hi 38656 .... I'm glad it lived up to expectations. :)

38656 07/27/15 12:11

I was there last week and it was a beautiful town :)

MD 07/18/15 15:16

Hi 38656 ..... have a wonderful time. Tallin looks a beautiful place.

38656 07/18/15 15:11

I´m going to Tallinn first time ever on monday. Maybe i´m gonna be there on the webcam ;)

MD 10/04/14 13:57

Mira Bilis.... I checked your link,  there are 5 cams here.

Mira Bilis 08/07/14 21:31

Dona ... there's more Tallinn cams than I first thought ...  :)

MD 10/09/13 21:41

Hi Dona. It looks beautiful tonight.

MD 09/04/13 10:40

Hi Dona. I'd love to visit. It looks lovely to me, night or day.

dona brantley 09/04/13 06:38

fantastic    smile dona

MD 07/17/13 08:08

Hi Dona.  I don't know where this year has gone! In just FOUR months some of these places will have the Christmas trees and decorations in place. And, happily for me, they leave them up for months!  :)

dona brantley 07/17/13 06:47

i cant wait the way time is flying justfour and a half mounths to go   lol    smile dona

MD 07/08/13 12:31

This was pretty at Christmas.


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