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Port of  l'Atmella de Mar
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Port of  l'Atmella de Mar

4 hours ago

Port of  l'Atmella de Mar

7 hours ago

Port of  l'Atmella de Mar

10 hours ago

Port of  l'Atmella de Mar

13 hours ago

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Comments (16)

MD 12/14/19 22:24

Oh to be in Spain. sigh

Jacob Arch 06/15/19 21:58

For voyagers who need to take in the sights and hints of La Ametlla De Mar, Apartment Apartamento Port de L'ametlla is an ideal decision. From here, visitors can benefit as much as possible from all that the energetic city brings to the table. With its helpful area, the property offers simple access to the city's must-see goals.

MD 03/01/19 14:09

Come back Dona.

MD 12/15/17 21:07

Oh your poor sister. Last I heard she'd broken her hip and now she's done it again. Does Knowles cook?  I saw his Facebook page ages ago and there were pictures of lovely food. Your mother is doing well but I'm sure niece would be happier if she moved in.

I'm glad grief therapy was helpful. I know Wayne was the love of your life.

Poor Trix's hubby is getting worse ..... he keeps falling. She doesn't spend much time on Opentopia.  And I find it annoying that Tybee has gone ..... though I still have it bookmarked.

dona brantley 12/15/17 20:49


dona brantley 12/15/17 20:46

HI MO shes broken and hurt that hip afew more times ehes still at home   knowles and his dog are doing well  i hve been going trough  loss of a loved one therapy it has helped a lot   opentop[a has sent tybee dow a black hole lol      mother is 90  and stillat home my neice is trying to get her to live at her house but shes holding out  i think of you and tricks all the time

MD 12/15/17 20:32

Oh I could tell it was you.  How's your sister?

dona brantley 12/15/17 20:22

MD  no reason i just wanted you to know it was realy me and not a fake  lol lol      HI TRIX       SMILE DONA

MD 12/15/17 20:11

Hi Dona ...... so lovely to hear from you.  I'm glad you are doing well.  Any reason for the no smile?  :D

dona brantley 12/15/17 20:02

HELLO MD   this is still an elegant place for a vacation  i have missed you all and im doing much better     N0 SMILE  dona

MD 12/15/17 19:23

Moose ........ I've never lived here ...... just spent lengthy holidays nearby.  But I did party  ..... I was usually there at Christmas and New Year ......

Moose 12/15/17 18:39

Another place that MD used to live and party.  Go figure.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 09/30/14 04:35

This is nice and lit up.

MD 11/20/13 23:16
Hi Dona, between Torrevieja and Santa Pola there's a lovely place called Guardamar del Segura. We used to live in a seaside resort in France and for our holidays we used to drive down to Guardamar for our holidays, swapping one seaside for another! We stayed in the Campomar Hotel for 8 or 12 weeks at a time, (December and January, sometimes February)  A while ago I looked at the reviews for this hotel and some people said the food was poor. It was buffet style so you chose whatever. I've never eaten so much fish in my life. It was delicious. I really WOULD love to be there now!
dona brantley 11/20/13 22:22

hi md it is very pretty     smile dona

MD 11/20/13 18:51

Torrevieja is a lovely place but there are too many English ghettos and not enough Spanish people. Wish I was there right now though!


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