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Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View
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Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

6 hours ago

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

9 hours ago

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

12 hours ago

Calar Alto Astronomical Observatory - North View

15 hours ago

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Comments (8)

Anony mouse 07/07/20 22:34

As the range of this cycle gets longer, the sentiment of destruction increments and understudies start to consider that they should utilize Thesis composing Service to complete their task.

Riley Hammond 05/06/20 12:29

The observatories let them realize when it became the solstice or the equinox. A few could also align to Sirius rising on a particular day (Sirius turned into critical to Egyptian tradition, as its growing within the spring signaled that the yearly Nile flood turned into forthcoming).

MD 03/28/19 05:04


Gianna Oliver 03/28/19 00:09

In antiquated occasions, the capacity to foresee a shroud or the difference in seasons was the region of a minister class - these individuals had power and glory thus required landmarks and extraordinary attempts to demonstrate to the general population that they were imperative individuals to be dreaded and regarded.

Rain Shadow 09/17/16 20:40

Another perfect night for stargazing.

MD 12/30/14 20:02

Hi La Maquinista.... when I put that comment in November... the cam was aimed at the sky... I really was seeing stars!

La Maquinista 12/30/14 19:14

These "stars" almost are all hotpixels ...

MD 11/27/13 22:43

I'm seeing stars!


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