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Comments (10)

Moose 10/03/23 23:01

Hi Homely.  MD and I spent a lot of time looking at old posts, with me asking questios and her giving me history lessons about OT.  Back in the day.  It is a lot different now.

Homely 10/03/23 02:46

Hi, Moose - Thank you for this memory. Green-thumbing kept us all well occupied for quite some time, didn't it?!?


Moose 09/29/23 18:05

This was one of my earliest interactions with MD, and a milestone for me.

Moose 06/06/17 17:03

Thanks, MD!  

Moose 06/06/17 17:02

My first green thumbing!

MD 06/06/17 16:59

I just changed it but it won't be altered for about 24hrs ... as long as nobody objects to the change.

Moose 06/06/17 16:47

I really want to take that colon out of the title, but I am scared to do it.  Second guessing Carol seems hazardous.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/05/14 05:02
CAROL SCARBOROUGH 08/05/14 05:01

Ok, I found this cam and it is called a speeding cam cuz that is the name of the camera co. I am guessing.

MD 02/12/13 17:19

I'm jealous! They have C&A in Linz. All UK stores closed in 2000.


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