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Comments (19)

MD 12/14/19 22:01

I'd forgotten this cam.

MD 03/20/19 05:30

Come back Moose.

MD 06/10/18 20:45

It's fun  ........ until you say the wrong thing.  Then look out!!!   :D

Moose 06/10/18 19:33

I am proud to be a member of that club!

MD 06/10/18 17:01

Oh dear ....... you will be getting a bad name for yourself.  Join the club.  :D

Moose 06/10/18 16:57

All I will admit to is that we have had this cam on the trending list all day.  Whatever that means.  I guess I am one of the main posters again.

MD 06/10/18 16:24

O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How did you know??????    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moose 06/10/18 16:22

Oh, I almost forgot.  My mental picture includes bloomers.  Just so ya know.

MD 06/10/18 16:15

LOL!!!!!!!!  For goodness sake ...... don't get leaving Opentopia. Laughter is so good for us all.  :D

Moose 06/10/18 16:08

Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever.  I am sticking with my mental picture of a purple headed lady with her head in the sink.

MD 06/10/18 16:02

I was at my daughter's house.  I'm on a water meter and she isn't.  So I used her shower.

When I'm not on here I do a lot of reading and jigsaw puzzles ...... plus going out into the garden. I often take a bus to wherever I fancy. I actually have a life  ..... and I thoroughly enjoy it.   :D

Moose 06/10/18 15:51

You are tooooo funny!!  Two hours washing your hair?!?!  I always wonder where you are when trix posts and you do not reply.  Now I know your head is in the sink.

MD 06/10/18 15:41

Well Moose ....... I opted for a more "in-your-face" purple on Thursday and spent a couple of hours washing it out yesterday.  It's still purple but not so shocking.  :D

There used to be a Russian cam on here that was some shady place where people walked about in towels.  I think they would have said it was a sauna but it looked far more interesting than that.  Anyway ...... most of the women on the cam had purple hair and I liked the look of it.  Shame that cam has gone.  It used to be fun.

Moose 06/10/18 15:20

There is a woman with purple hair!  Wave to the camera MD!!

MD 06/10/18 13:30

I just saw a boat go from left to right ...... and it wasn't going slowly.  Nice cam.

Moose 06/10/18 13:24

And now a woman walking two pomeranians!  Who would have thought it?

Moose 06/10/18 13:19

In the past 15 minutes there have been boats, bicycles, motorcycles and people just walking around.  Also people sitting on those round benches.  Quite active.

indigo 02/22/14 12:05

Motor bike race on the ice....brrrrr...

MD 02/04/14 12:50

I've not seen this one before. Looks too icy for boats today.


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