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Ukkohalla Ski & Sport Resort

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Ukkohalla Ski & Sport Resort
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Ukkohalla Ski & Sport Resort

7020 hours ago

Ukkohalla Ski & Sport Resort

7023 hours ago

Ukkohalla Ski & Sport Resort

7026 hours ago

Ukkohalla Ski & Sport Resort

7029 hours ago

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Comments (13)

MD 08/20/17 20:27

I'm counting!   That one was precious to me.  :D

It seems that hardly a day goes by without some sort of attack.  Sad world we live in.

Rain Shadow 08/20/17 19:47

It is certainly a beautiful looking resort  I was also saddened to hear about the attack in Finland the other day.

Moose 08/20/17 19:36

MD... Wow!  That is a funky little church!  When you said you identified it I figured you were by yourself someplace and figured it out.  But NO!  Mira Bilis and everybody was all baffled (fishing smokehouse, indeed) and you came charging in and said "CHURCH!!"  Then you found it and everybody was all proud of you.  Good job!  Of course Carol and Mira have found thousands of places, but who is counting?

MD 08/20/17 19:20

Moose  .........

MD 08/20/17 18:54

It was a square building built from wood and was near a river.  I Googled and got zillions of examples. One of the pictures was described as a church. I did a bit more snooping and found a "church" near a river that looked similar. I put my theory forward and it was confirmed by (I think) 2 other people. When I have hours to spare I'll find the cam. The trouble with putting them all into My Cams is that they are not in any sort of order and as I have over four thousand  ..... it takes a bit of time.

Moose 08/20/17 18:39

You ID'd a camera by accident?!  That is an accomplishment in itself, and sounds like a good story.

MD 08/20/17 18:34

A lot of it is found from the ip address ...... and I have no idea how they do it. I have only identified 2 or 3 cams and one of those I didn't realise I'd done it until someone else confirmed it.

Moose 08/20/17 18:23

It was her comments like this that made me ask about Green Thumb a while ago.  And with no input from Mira Bilis or anybody.  All by herself, and that is very impressive.  I guess the name on the cam picture would help, but still...  Who found all this info in the beginning?

MD 08/20/17 18:14

Moose ..... that first comment from Carol Scarborough tells us that she identified this cam.  She was very determined.

Moose 08/20/17 17:43

Looks like the lake has thawed out.

MD 04/28/16 21:17

Looks like the lake is frozen.

Wikem Dice 11/27/14 19:50

I just saw bigfoot.

CAROL SCARBOROUGH 11/11/14 13:45

Green thumb please.


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